【In-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Chinese-style modernization】

There are a dazzling array of smart exhibits such as aerial tower building machines and 3D printed coffee lattes, and smart city solutions such as digital buses and smart shuttles... From September 9 to 4, the 6 China International Intelligent Industry Expo was held in Chongqing, with 2023 domestic and foreign enterprises showcasing cutting-edge innovation achievements and top technology products. The 509 professional forums, 2023 high-quality competitions and 19 important results released during the 5 Zhibo also presented the beautiful vision of "digital" empowering the industry and benefiting people's livelihood.

The annual China International Intelligent Industry Expo is an important starting point and platform for the construction of "Digital Chongqing". In recent years, Chongqing has seized the major strategic opportunity of the innovation and development of the national digital economy, and solidly promoted the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy through "industrial digitalization and digital industrialization". The Digital Chongqing Construction Conference held on April 2023, 4 further clarified the goal of creating a city model that leads the new era of digital civilization.

The Zhibo and the production and construction sites throughout the city have become "energy fields" and "racecourses" that gather digital Chongqing construction resources and stimulate the endogenous power of digital Chongqing.

1. "Digitalization" makes traditional industries smarter

Chongqing was once one of the six old industrial bases in the country. The strong foundation of traditional industries means that the time for upgrading industries in the new era is tight and the tasks are heavy. One of the main tasks of digital Chongqing construction is to use big data to intelligently transform and upgrade traditional industries.

Chongqing Dekai Industrial Co., Ltd., located in Baihe Industrial Park, Kaizhou District, mainly produces copper clad laminates and prepregs. Xiang Yiqiong, a veteran employee on the company's gluing production line, was deeply touched by the changes brought about by "digitalization".

"In just 8 years, the gluing production line has undergone a transformation from manual operation to automation to intelligence." Xiang Yiqiong said, "When it was all manual operation, the large bundles of glass fiber cloth were all replaced by hand, and sometimes they were exhausted. Now material changing, gluing, hot press molding, and product transfer are all intelligent. With a few clicks on the display, you can control the entire process and easily complete the work that originally required 10 people. ”

"This copper clad laminate is a new product developed by the company specifically for new energy vehicles, and orders have increased a lot after being exhibited at this year's Zhi Expo, and now three workshops are operating at full capacity. In the past, such a volume of tasks would have exhausted people long ago. Xiang Yiqiong said.

In Chongqing Qijiang District High-tech Industrial Park, the employees of Chongqing Jingjiang Automobile Halfshaft Co., Ltd. let the reporter see the "digital magic" on the production line: after entering data instructions on the control screen, the rough blank parts of the half-shaft on several production lines "transformed", and a complete set of automobile drive shafts was presented in front of them.

"Reduced costs, improved efficiency, and shorter order lead times." The company's process engineer Gao Fei repeatedly admired the benefits of intelligent transformation and digital transformation. This traditional enterprise, which originally "relied on coolies", now 85% of its products have been intelligently produced, production costs have been reduced by one-third, and the product qualification rate has increased to 99.5%.

The intelligent transformation of big data has upgraded traditional industries and accelerated Chongqing's transformation from a "manufacturing town" to an "intelligent manufacturing town". According to the person in charge of the relevant department of Chongqing Jiangjin District, more than 340 intelligent transformation projects in the region have passed the municipal certification, and 94 have passed the national certification, and the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry has achieved a "double harvest" of quantitative benefits. According to data provided by the Organizing Committee of the 2023 Wisdom Fair, since 2018, Chongqing has implemented 6080,56 big data intelligent transformation projects, with an average increase in production efficiency of 8.22%, and an average decrease of 1.20% and 4.<>% in operating costs and energy consumption per unit of production.

The intensive construction, interconnection and collaborative linkage of digital Chongqing have also allowed small and medium-sized enterprises and consumers to enjoy more and more digital dividends. Long Zongzhi, who runs a small logistics company, told reporters that the smart logistics distribution platform developed by Yuzhong District to guide technology companies can directly connect vehicle rental services to the distribution process and freight bills. With the help of this smart platform, small and medium-sized logistics companies can not only solve the problem of large cost of car maintenance, but also avoid the problem of "there are goods but no trucks".

2. Digital empowerment stimulates infinite possibilities in emerging industries

Chongqing is an important automobile production base in China, and intelligent networked new energy vehicles are a trillion-level leading industrial cluster built by the city.

The "fastest electric vehicle charging technology" that can charge 7% in 80 and a half minutes is the first in mass production in Jiangjin District, the production capacity of 100 million tons of lithium iron phosphate cathode materials is gradually formed in Zhongxian County, and the "vehicle + parts" digital technology and industrial chain with lightweight body and extremely simplified production process are mature and strong in Fuling District and Nanchuan District... Digital empowerment stimulates infinite possibilities for emerging industries.

Attracted by the broad development prospects of Chongqing's intelligent networked new energy vehicle industry, Chongqing Fordy Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. established the world's first "blade battery" production base in Bishan District in 2018. "Massive data processing and the use of intelligent technology have turned bulky batteries as thin as blades." Huang Baisheng, the company's business manager, said, "Don't look at it is only a thin piece, it can contain more than 600 patented technologies." ”

According to the Action Plan for the Development of Intelligent Networked New Energy Automobile Parts Industry in Yuxi Region (4-2023) issued in April this year, Chongqing is promoting the coordinated development of the intelligent networked new energy auto parts industry with an output value of 2027 billion yuan, including the eight districts of Yuxi, including Bishan, Yongchuan, Dazu and Rongchang. Major urban areas such as Shapingba, Banan and Yubei have accelerated the gathering of intelligent networked new energy vehicle R&D centers and vehicle manufacturers to form an industrial pattern with their own characteristics, complementary advantages and supporting chains.

In March this year, the first intelligent networked new energy vehicle train to Europe was sent from the Chongqing International Logistics Hub Park located in Shapingba District, marking a breakthrough in Chongqing's export transportation of new energy vehicles to Europe.

"Production lines, production processes and technologies, and products are all showing the trend of big data intelligence." Si Shulun, head of Chongqing Dajiang Yap Auto Parts Co., Ltd., said, "With the support of the digital Chongqing construction policy, the company has built two digital workshops and four intelligent production lines in recent years. ”

With a gesture, you can direct the instrument to navigate, take pictures, and dial a satellite phone with a password... Located in Yubei District, BDStar Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., with its new generation of intelligent cockpit and integrated communication and conduction technology, has attracted widespread attention at the 2023 Zhi Expo. According to the relevant person in charge of the company, the intelligent cockpit developed by the company using high-performance domestic chips with large computing power can realize the localization of intelligent cockpit products.

The rapid development of big data intelligent industry has spawned a renewable resource industry based on big data intelligence, and a number of enterprises that promote the echelon cycle of big data intelligent products in application scenarios such as energy storage phones, communication base stations, and smart street lights have emerged. In Tongnan District, more than 1,200 tons of scrapped lithium batteries for new energy vehicles are recycled and disposed of every year, and 20 MWh of echelon products are produced, which is equivalent to "regeneration" of <>,<> kWh of electricity storage.

At the exhibition hall of Southwest University at the 2023 Zhi Fair, a transparent box containing water only relied on the energy of 7 drops of water to light up hundreds of LED lights. Xu Gaobo, a student from the School of Materials and Energy of Southwest University, explained to the audience that this water drop generator and self-powered energy sensing system can convert the kinetic energy of the collected water droplets into electrical energy, and has the characteristics of DC, high voltage and power-free management circuit. As long as there is rain and water, the system is operational, ideal for emergency lighting.

Also at the 2023 Wisdom Expo, Fengdu County demonstrated the application of smart devices in clean energy such as wind power, photovoltaic, and small hydropower. Xiong Wei, deputy director of the Fengdu County Development and Reform Commission, said that Fengdu plans to build a new digital energy system and a 2035 billion-level clean energy demonstration base in Chongqing by 100.

3. Consolidate the "digital" foundation of smart cities

The key task of digital Chongqing's construction in the near future is to form an overall framework of "1361", including an integrated intelligent public data platform, a three-level operation and governance center, six application systems, and an integrated grassroots intelligent governance system. "The key tasks serve the main goals, and the main goal of digital Chongqing construction is to build a smart manufacturing town and a smart city, empower high-quality development and add color to high-quality life." The head of the relevant department of Chongqing Municipality said.

In Chongqing, "digital" has begun to play a "snowball" effect of "industrial agglomeration + upstream and downstream synergy". Located in Jiangbei District, Chongqing Science and Technology Finance Center gathers more than 70 big data enterprises such as Western Digital Exchange Center and "Yu Kuaiban", and is a demonstration building of Chongqing's software and information service industry "Full of Stars" action plan. As of August this year, Western Digital Trading Center is the only data element circulation and trading venue in Chongqing, and as of August this year, more than 8 data companies have been introduced, with a cumulative data transaction amount of more than 200 million yuan.

On the morning of September 9, Cheng Fei, who lives in Jiangbei District, came to the administrative service hall of Jiangbei District and completed the animal quarantine certificate in just over 18 minutes. "I made an appointment in advance through the 'Yu Kuaiban' online office hall." Cheng Fei demonstrated in front of a smart machine to several people who consulted him, "Look, click on 'Yu Kuaiban', there is information about each handling point. By making an appointment for the handling point and processing time in advance, you can not only run less to 'do it nearby', but also 'do it happily' without any trouble. ”

"Digital" makes industrial policies and business services smarter and more accurate. Jiangbei District developed and utilized digital resources, released 158 application scenarios and 125 software enterprise capability lists involving production and life fields such as smart city, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of Vehicles, and the whole industry chain of data assets, accelerating the lighting of software and information services "full of stars". Located in Liangjiang New Area, Ma Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. released the country's first retail finance model on the eve of the 2023 Wisdom Expo, which has four major application scenarios including digital twins.

Digital Chongqing Construction accelerates the digital transformation of government services. By breaking down data barriers, reconstructing work systems, and reengineering business processes, Chongqing has implemented "one thing at a time" integration services for 11 personal businesses and 11 enterprise businesses, and as of July this year, the total number of "one-net-to-office" has exceeded 7,28. Chongqing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau empowers high-quality employment with digitalization, establishes a citywide employment data pool and a "one person, one file" employment information resource database, and has provided more than 1 million employment services from January to August this year.

Smart agriculture and digital villages allow rural residents to enjoy more digital dividends and the convenience of digital life. Located in Zhouxi Township, Chengkou County, located deep in Dabashan Mountain, has created a digital convenience service platform for "small courtyard homes" on WeChat mini programs. Whether the villagers are reflecting problems, consulting agricultural technology, or selling agricultural products, "as long as they can use WeChat, they can handle it with one hand."

Longji Town, Rongchang District, is Chongqing's first global digital village pilot town, with both the traditional "courtyard dam meeting" and the trendy "cloud dam meeting". "Many young and middle-aged people in the town are migrant workers all year round, and we allow migrant workers to participate in the offline 'yard and dam meeting' through the online 'Yunba Meeting', which not only allows them to keep abreast of the situation in their hometown and family, but also helps them solve their difficulties." Zhu Yunfeng, secretary of the party committee of Longji Town, said.

■ Number said

China's 5G applications have been integrated into 60 major categories of the national economy, accelerating the expansion and deepening of key fields such as industry, medical care, education, and transportation, and the number of application cases has exceeded 5,27. The industrial Internet "240 cities and <> parks" has been promoted in depth, with more than <>,<> identification resolution system service enterprises and more than <> industrial Internet platforms with certain influence.

As of July 2023, nearly 7,8000 digital workshops and smart factories have been built across China, of which more than 2500,2 have reached the level of maturity level 209 or above of intelligent manufacturing capabilities, basically completing digital transformation; <> have explored intelligent upgrading and become intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories with international advanced level.

Data source: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Compiled by Yang Tongtong, reporter of this newspaper

(Guangming Daily reporter Zhang Guosheng, Li Hong, Huang Hanxin)