In response to the issue of the former president of Sanei Architects, a real estate company listed on the prime market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, providing money to gangsters, Toshio Morita, chairman of the Japan Securities Dealers Association, said at a press conference that it is important for securities companies to thoroughly review securities companies when they are listed.

The issue is that the former president of Sanei Architects & Sekkei, which is listed on the prime market at the top of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, is said to have been involved with gangsters for many years and provided money, and the company announced this month that the president and others will voluntarily return executive remuneration to clarify management responsibilities.

At a press conference on March 20, Chairman Morita of the Japan Securities Dealers Association stated, "We are closely monitoring this case with interest as it significantly undermines the trust of shareholders and other stakeholders and the market."

In 2011, the Association revised the rules for securities companies to underwrite the listing of companies and made it mandatory to conclude contracts that include the exclusion of antisocial forces, but Chairman Morita said, "It is extremely difficult to take action if the company issues a false confirmation letter stating that there is no interaction with antisocial forces, as in this case." I said.

On top of that, he indicated that securities companies are required to thoroughly check whether there is any interaction with organized crime groups in the screening of companies that are about to be listed.