China News Network, September 9 (Zhongxin Financial Reporter Xie Yiguan) On the 20th, "Hua Xizi's public relations department or collective resignation" appeared on Weibo hot search, attracting a lot of attention.

In response to the news, Zhongxin Financial Reporter contacted a person familiar with the incident, and the other party said that the person in charge of the public relations department of Huaxizi and some of the staff of the public relations department have indeed left their jobs in recent times.

As for whether the remaining employees of Hua Xizi's public relations department will also leave, the person familiar with the matter said that there is no way to reply.

Recently, the remarks of well-known online anchor Li Jiaqi in the live broadcast room have caused controversy, and the topic of domestic makeup brand Hua Xizi "79 yuan for an eyebrow pencil is not expensive" has also aroused widespread discussion.

An open letter released by Hua Xizi on the official Weibo.

On the 19th, Hua Xizi released a "belated" open letter on the official Weibo, but this open letter was considered "flashy" by many people. One netizen mentioned, "After saying so much, it feels like I haven't said a word." ”

Screenshot of netizen comment.

According to Red Star News, a Hua Xizi employee said on social media about an hour after the open letter was sent: "I have left Hua Xizi, and I declare that I have nothing to do with me, nor do I have anything to do with the public relations department. At this time, the employee has deleted the relevant news.

The aforementioned insider also confirmed to Zhongxin Financial Reporter that Hua Xizi's previous open letter was not from the company's public relations department. (End)