【Commentary】Recently, the first "Dingxi Broad Powder Festival" series of activities in 2023 kicked off in Dingxi City, Gansu Province, during which the "Dingxi Wide Powder" industry development forum and promotion signing ceremony and on-site food experience activities were held, and the Dingxi Broad Powder Cooking Skills Competition was held to enhance the popularity and influence of Dingxi Broad Powder through online promotion, offline experience, live streaming activities, etc. Dingxi wide powder is favored by many diners for its crystal white, texture and smooth taste. At the event site, a variety of Dingxi wide powder products attracted many people to come to taste.

【Contemporaneous】Dingxi citizens

I am a native of Dingxi, Gansu, we usually make (wide powder) at home are spicy, have never eaten this (pulp water wide powder), today come to eat this (pulp water wide powder), feel the taste is very smooth, crystal clear, very delicious, very delicious.

【Explanation】Thanks to the special soil and climatic conditions of Dingxi, the potatoes produced are golden and bright, mellow in taste, high in dry matter content, rich in potassium and a variety of vitamins, especially processed potato wide powder series products, which are deeply loved by consumers. Dingxi potato flour in Lanzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other places hot pot catering popular, gradually become a hot item in hot pot cuisine, in recent years, Dingxi wide powder industry rapid development and growth, the formation of a variety of gourmet products. The pre-packaged products featuring Dingxi wide powder enrich the dining options for young people.

【During the same period】Chen Weixia, head of Dingxi broad powder related enterprises

Now our company, according to the market demand, has developed four ready-to-eat products, this (Dingxi Kuanfan) product has tomato flavor, sauerkraut flavor, spicy flavor, and gin tang maw chicken four flavors. Now this product has a great influence in the market, and has been sold to 16 (provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions), more than 3000,<> supermarkets.

【Comment】At present, Dingxi wide powder products have been extended to staple food, pre-made dishes, convenience food and other fields, forming five types of diversified market supply products such as pre-packaged products, clean vegetables, fresh food powder, dry powder, physical stores, etc., Dingxi wide powder online marketing has exceeded 10,110, the industrial chain business entities have reached 10, the output exceeds 20,<> tons, and the annual sales have exceeded <> billion yuan, which has become the "new business card" of Dingxi's foreign cooperation and investment promotion.

Wen Weidong, deputy secretary of the Dingxi City CPC Committee in Gansu Province

Dingxi wide flour comes from high-quality potatoes, the reason why it has become a delicacy on the tip of the tongue of our Longyuan people, I think there is a reason, first of all, we have the best seeds, Dingxi's original seed production capacity is 16.200 billion grains (more than 300.500 billion grains), we have more than <> million tons of seed potatoes; Second, we have the largest amount, we have <> million mu of potatoes (planting area), (output) up to <> million tons, the production of potato starch also occupies an important position in the country; We have introduced ten golden policies in terms of investment promotion, such as land use guarantee, including talent introduction, enterprise incentives, etc., and the gold content is still relatively high. We eagerly hope that our capital and enterprises can pay attention to Dingxi, enter Dingxi, and invest in the potato industry and Dingxi wide powder.

Tian Penghe and Zhang Jing reported from Dingxi, Gansu

Responsible Editor: [Zhou Chi]