The Imserso will start these days with the preparations for the start of the 2023-2024 season of its Social Tourism trips after the Central Administrative Court of Contractual Appeals (TACRC) has dismissed the appeals submitted to the tender. The news of the suspension of Imserso trips for this season had taken thousands of Spanish retirees and pensioners by surprise.

The entity trusts that users of travel in our country can be starting this season of Social Tourism normally. For this, the Imserso works so that everything is ready for the dates usually marked on the calendar, during the second half of October.

Now, the next steps to be taken by the agency under the Ministry of Social Rights will be, on the one hand, the signing of the contract with the UTE awarded the different lots, Ávoris, and then, the sending of accreditation letters to the users of the trips. These letters contain the information that pensioners need to subsequently book their trip.

After these steps, marketing will begin by authorized agencies to start the travel season.

The program for the 2023-2024 season has almost 900,000 seats (886,269, 70,000 more than in the previous season), which are divided into three lots: 443,887 seats for trips to the peninsular coast; 30,039 places on the island coast and 212,343 places for getaway tourism (with cultural, nature or provincial capital tours).

Last March, Imserso announced a new tender offer for Social Tourism trips. For the entity, it was a priority to adapt the trips to the preferences expressed by the users, to whom this program is intended. Thus, the award criteria have been modified, prioritizing the quality of the offer, the places have been increased, including individual places, new cultural and nature routes have been incorporated. In the same way, and for the first time, the interior circuits have been extended to all the provincial capitals of the country.

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