"Bee flower soap" rushed to the hot search:

It is necessary to let the "light of domestic products" with high quality and low price have traffic

□ Zhao Zhijiang

Recently, affected by the "Hua Xizi" incident, more old domestic brands have been seen by consumers. With the popularity of the old domestic product "bee flower" on the Internet, "bee flower soap is packaged by people with disabilities" has also appeared on the hot search. On September 9, the relevant person in charge of Shanghai soap production responded that "bee flower sandalwood soap" is indeed partially packaged by people with disabilities, and this work has been carried out since 15.

When it comes to "bee flower sandalwood soap", the first thing that many people think of is Shanghai Bee Flower Daily Products Co., Ltd. In fact, this is a "beautiful misunderstanding" - two long-established local enterprises in Shanghai have the "bee flower" brand, and "bee flower sandalwood soap" is from Shanghai soap group.

According to the data, Shanghai soap was founded in 1923, with Shanghai medicinal soap, bee flower, Shanghai, Guben, fan brand and other time-honored brands, has gone through a hundred years of history. Among them, "bee flower soap", which was born in 1928, has a history of 95 years. In the field of domestic daily chemicals, Shanghai soap has created a number of firsts: the first manufacturer to produce soap with machines, developed the first bottle of liquid soap, the first special effect sterilization soap, and produced the first beauty soap...

Over the past century, Shanghai soap making has witnessed and deeply participated in the development of China's daily chemical industry. Despite this, this outing was caused by the misunderstanding caused by "bee flower sandalwood soap". It is enough to see that compared with some fashion brands, the old domestic products that adhere to the parity route are too low-key: there are no celebrity spokespersons, no overwhelming advertising, and even the packaging is the same for decades. Low price, excellent quality, good reputation, is the core competitiveness of the old domestic products for a long time.

Someone is responsible for attaching belts and instructions, someone is responsible for sticking paper, someone is responsible for packing boxes... On the production line, everyone with a disability is divided into an orderly division of labor, and piece by piece soap is packaged by their hands. Now that the industry is so developed, why insist on manual packaging? The staff of Shanghai Soap Group said, "Students with intellectual disabilities come here to pack handmade soap, which not only helps rehabilitation training, but also allows them to earn income through their own labor." ”

The highest principle of aid is to protect the dignity of the recipients. Compared with direct financial assistance, providing employment assistance and jobs for people with disabilities can not only help them integrate smoothly into society, but also make them feel the value of labor and the dignity of workers. Enterprises are like this, and they are very good. Seeing Shanghai soap making is easy to remind people of white elephants - after CCTV's "3.15" party last year, white elephant instant noodles burst out of the circle because of the phrase "no cooperation, eat with confidence, and the body is not afraid of shadows". After a few days, the topic of "one-third of the white elephant's employees are disabled" rushed to the hot search, and the white elephant continued to be out of the circle.

The more you understand, the more you are moved, those "light of domestic products" who work silently can always show a strong brand appeal at a special time node. Such scenes continue to play out, which is mixed. Happily, the conscientious "light of domestic products" can always awaken the huge emotional resonance of the public, and then transform this into consumer support; The worry is that after the stormy "wild consumption", can the "light of domestic products" continue to highlight the moment?

Those popular "light of domestic products" have a distinctive feature: high quality and low price. It's just that because it is too low-key, those "lights of domestic products" are sometimes raised in purdah. For consumers, choosing "light of domestic products" is not only "paying for feelings", but also a return to the concept of rational consumption. For old domestic products, how to strike while the iron is hot to improve brand competitiveness and let quality goods have traffic is undoubtedly a top priority.

(Yangcheng Evening News, the author is a well-known media commentator)