The Ukrainian government announced that three neighboring countries, including Poland, have filed a complaint with the WTO = World Trade Organization for their own decision to ban the import of Ukrainian agricultural products. There are also concerns that it will lead to a deterioration in relations with Poland and other countries that are supporting Ukraine under military invasion.

EU = The European Union decided on the 15th of this month not to extend the ban on imports of Ukrainian agricultural products, which had been approved to Poland and other countries to protect their own agriculture, and the three countries of Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary, which opposed this, decided to continue the import ban independently after the 3th of this month.

In response to this, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine announced on the 16th that it had filed a lawsuit with the WTO against three countries, claiming that the import ban violates international rules.

It also calls on the three countries to agree to consultations.

However, a spokesman for the Polish government told local media on the 18th, "Our position will not change, we believe it is the right thing to do," and explained that there is no intention to back down the policy.

Poland and other countries are actively promoting military assistance to Ukraine, but there are concerns that the issue of agricultural products may lead to a deterioration in relations.