China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has accelerated the standardization of the metaverse

Beijing, September 9 (ZXS) -- China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Preparatory Plan for the Establishment of the Metaverse Standardization Working Group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (Draft for Comments)" on the 18th, proposing that China needs to organize domestic key enterprises, scientific research institutes and other advantageous resources as soon as possible to strengthen the standardization of the metaverse industry.

The metaverse is a comprehensive and integrated innovation of many cutting-edge technologies, which will give birth to a large number of innovative business models in the digital environment and bring new opportunities for the innovation and development of the digital economy. It is understood that in June 2022, the Metaverse Standards Forum was established internationally to carry out standardization work in related fields and promote standardization to help the development of the metaverse industry.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that accelerating the standardization work in the metaverse field and coordinating the promotion of the demand research and key standards of the metaverse industry is an important measure to deeply implement the National Standardization Development Outline, the Implementation Plan of the New Industry Standardization Pilot Project (2023-2035) and the Three-Year Action Plan for the Innovation and Development of the Metaverse Industry (2023-2025).

At present, the metaverse is in a stage of rapid development, facing challenges such as inconsistent understanding, non-standard application, and prominent ethical issues, and it is urgent to standardize and guide the healthy and orderly development of the metaverse industry through standards.

For example, in terms of security risks, the metaverse involves the collection and analysis of sensitive personal information such as users' physiology, behavior, and assets, and there are multiple digital identities, content presentation methods, and value exchange channels, and chaos such as pyramid schemes, online violence, algorithm bundling, and data abuse is frequent, and risks such as ethics, data security, and information security are prominent. It is urgent to support supervision through standardization, clarify safety red line requirements, and actively guide the development of the metaverse for good.

According to the Draft for Comments, after the establishment of the Working Group, it plans to focus on accelerating the development of basic general standards such as metaverse terminology and reference architecture, key technical standards such as metaverse identity systems, digital content generation, and cross-domain interoperability, and give priority to the development of industry application standards such as "metaverse + industrial manufacturing" in accordance with the principle of urgent use first. (End)