■ Wang Xiaoli, reporter of this newspaper

The concert is hitting the domestic performance market with unprecedented popularity. Taking the Jay Chou Shanghai concert, which went on sale a few days ago, as an example, the 11,500 tickets are in sharp contrast to the more than <> million "want to see" people on the main ticketing platform. "One second of nothing" has become the norm for many pop singers to perform. In addition to working hard, some fans will also mobilize their relatives and friends to form a "ticket grabbing group", which makes the gold content of a concert ticket already exceed the face price.

Why is the concert so popular? "It is true that there are factors that have been released in a concentrated release of cultural consumption demand for a long time this year, but the social environment and audience psychology cannot be ignored." As a consumer of concerts, Huang Ping, a professor of Chinese at East China Normal University, said in an interview that in the era of increasing intelligence, people have a thirst for inner emotions, and they need a leisurely way similar to concerts to release and dispel. From a certain point of view, in the concert, the audience may be the real protagonist of the performance.

High engagement, fans place containers for passionate emotions

"This is not a chorus, we sing in pairs, I sing you after I sing, you sing after I sing." Singer Wu Bai's humorous speech at the recent concert in Beijing was widely circulated on social platforms. In fact, previously, "Wu Bai is here to conduct" and "Sing to Wu Bai" have become hot memes. During the concert, when the melody of classic songs such as "Last Dance", "Sudden Self" and "Passive" sounded, Wu Bai often just spoke, and the spontaneous chorus of fans in the audience almost drowned out his voice. After a few performances, Wu Bai put down the microphone and commanded on stage with affection, which also led to the "original singer in the first half of his life, a conductor in the second half" in the mouth of netizens.

Huge field, explosive sound, enthusiastic fans... The nature of the concert makes a carnival possible. At Li Zongsheng's "Year of Songs" tour, singing a song "You and I are mortals, born in the world" with Lao Li was a burning moment for the audience.

Such a session is already standard for concerts. Not long ago, Huang Ping went to Ren Xianqi's concert, and he was deeply impressed by a quote from the singer - "My song has your youth in it." "At the concert, what fans see is not so much a certain star as they used to be." Huang Ping said that the concert is a very special space, this space transcends time, through the songs in memory, magically takes you to relive the past. By singing the songs of idols, everyone remembered the past youth. From this point of view, the concert is a natural way to participate in the concert, becoming a container for fans to place passionate emotions.

It is worth noting that with the diversification of communication media, there are more real-time interaction possibilities between audiences and singers, and public figures can receive feedback and needs from fans more directly, which has spawned more lively and rich viewing experiences such as "Jolin Tsai's concert support relay", "dancing with Liu Genghong at Jay Chou's concert", "listening to Xue Zhiqian at the concert".

Concert economics, the pull effect is obvious

With a total audience of 18,5, comprehensive consumption driving more than 30 billion yuan, and hotel bookings increasing by 447.7% year-on-year – the Jay Chou Carnival World Tour was held four times in Tianjin this month, igniting the enthusiasm of fans and igniting local consumption, and the main reason behind this is naturally the huge flow of people brought by the concert. This is not the first time that Jay Chou's concert has shown a strong peripheral effect, from August 8 to 17, Jay Chou held two concerts in Hohhot, and the local tourism revenue from August 18 to 8 was 16.20 billion yuan, which was 28.8 times the tourism revenue during the Dragon Boat Festival.

The summer data of Lighthouse Pro can also confirm the popularity of the concert. Compared with other performance categories such as music festivals and professional theaters, the proportion of consumer users who purchase tickets 30 days in advance is significantly ahead. Many loyal fans chose to plan their trips in advance and rushed to the scene with their suitcases in tow. Even if they can't enter the venue, some fans are not far away, thousands of miles away, squatting outside the venue fully equipped, for them, being able to breathe the same air as their idols is worthy of the trip.

Of course, the grandeur of the concert is not exclusive to the country. Looking internationally, pop singers Beyoncé and Taylor Swift's tour is also unprecedented: the former's 57 performances in the first round of this year's "Renaissance" arrived at 21 stadiums in Europe and 36 stadiums in North America, spanning five months; The latter's "Time Journey" was sold out of 52 performances and more than 200 million tickets in North America, and then announced 15 more. Even, from this, a new term was born: "Taylornomics". Some overseas scholars predict that Taylor Swift's US tour this year will generate $50 billion in economic gains.

However, it should also be noted that under the difficulty of finding a ticket, chaos such as ticket resale and robbery emerges one after another, and the asking price is even more staggering. A ticket with a face value of 900 yuan starts at 3000,85 yuan in the hands of scalpers, and the two tickets in a row are more expensive, and the front row tickets in the VIP area with a price tag of tens of thousands are still not worried about selling. Even a semi-occluded, hilltop or infield bungee area in the last row of the bungee area will be multiplied at a premium. A few days ago, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the Notice on Further Strengthening the Standardized Management of Large-scale Commercial Performance Activities and Promoting the Healthy and Orderly Development of the Performance Market, requiring organizers to sell tickets to the public at least <>% of the approved audience, and imposing mandatory provisions on real-name production. The industry expects that this move will effectively curb the scalping space and improve the situation that one vote is difficult to find to a certain extent. (Wen Wei Po)