The categories of performances continue to be enriched, the integration of sports and tourism continues to deepen, and folk festivals are flourishing

Entertainment and sports exhibition consumption increased (economic focus, service consumption (3))

Our reporters: Liu Junguo, Chen Junyi, and Shen Jingran

Launch wonderful performances to provide intimate protection and add warmth to the service; Based on the advantages of sports events, promote the integration of sports and tourism, and make passers-by become regular customers; Do a good job in holding special folk festivals and exhibitions, drive the development of local industries, and turn traffic into increments... The reporter recently came to Taizhou, Guizhou, Guizhou, Chuxiong, Yunnan and other places to feel the continuous heating up of cultural and sports exhibition activities in the local area, and witness the huge consumption potential stimulated by them.


Taizhou, Zhejiang——

Enrich the supply of performances

Strengthen service guarantees

The drama "Charlotte Troubles", the burlesque "Ouch Daddy", the children's drama "The King's Secret"... Not long ago, a wide variety of performances gathered in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, and many of them were even hard to find. "You can watch a big drama on your doorstep, and the Civic Arts Festival is great!" Just after watching a performance with his children, Mr. Wang, a citizen of Taizhou, said happily.

On August 8, the Taizhou 21 Citizen Arts Festival ended with a symphony concert brought by the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra. Over the past 2023 days, 60 high-quality dramas, 21 famous artist performances, 28 cultural salons and 29 grass concerts were staged in turn, attracting 642,60 citizens to participate widely.

In addition to satisfying the needs of the public for art appreciation, the rich forms of performance activities have further stimulated the consumption potential. Recently, the 2023 Taizhou Jiaojiang Chaoyong Donghai Music Festival was held in Taizhou Citizen Square, and the market outside the venue was opened simultaneously. A total of 300,6 sets of consumption coupons totaling <> million yuan were distributed simultaneously, covering other restaurants, accommodation, scenic spots, etc. in Jiaojiang District in addition to being used in the market.

Behind the activities, there is intimate security. Taking multiple measures and strengthening coordination, Taizhou has actively improved the level of service guarantee while increasing the types of cultural performances, and strives to make passers-by become regular customers.

Precise service to improve the travel experience. This summer, cultural performances and other activities in the Taizhou Fucheng Cultural Tourism Zone in Linhai City have emerged one after another, attracting a large number of tourists. Among them, the average daily passenger flow of Ziyang Street reached 2,97, and the consumption of the street throughout the summer was 3800 million yuan. In the face of the surge in passenger flow, relevant units have provided tourists with a better experience by sending more manpower, strengthening inspections, parking diversion, expanding free parking lots, and opening free bus lines on holidays. "This is my second time on Ziyang Street, and it was difficult for tourists to park before. This time, I found that the management is more refined, the traffic guidance is also intuitive, and the travel is much more convenient. Mr. Zhao, an out-of-town tourist, said.

During the Taizhou 2023 Citizen Art Festival, volunteers can often be seen. According to reports, in order to do a good job in the convenience service of the art festival, volunteers have been arranged in crowded places such as venue entrances and parking lots to provide guidance, explanation, inquiry and other services for the audience.

According to reports, in the next step, Taizhou will also hold a series of cultural activities. "Taizhou will continue to strengthen the supply of high-quality cultural and artistic activities to enhance citizens' sense of gain and happiness." Chen Yang, director of the Literature and Art Department of the Propaganda Department of the Taizhou Municipal Party Committee, said.

Guizhou Tongren——

Promote the integration of sports and tourism

Strengthen brand events

Receiving the pass, Huaguoshan Basketball Club striker Yi Zhuo made a feint, shook the opposing defender, broke into the opponent's three-second zone alone, and quickly jumped up to throw a goal. "Good ball!" There were cheers from the spectator area on the sidelines. Although it is already evening, the outdoor court in Huaguoshan Community, Bijiang District, Tongren City, Guizhou Province, is still particularly lively, with three layers of spectators sitting or standing around the side of the court, cheering for the players from time to time.

After more than 10 days of "fierce battle", the 8th Huaguoshan Basketball Tournament in Tongren City ushered in the semifinals on August 2. At the final whistle, Huaguoshan Basketball Club lost by 10 points and stopped the semifinals. After the game, the spectators on the sidelines dispersed one after another with drinks bought from the surrounding shops, and this night the small shops received two or three hundred yuan.

"By holding sports events, peripheral consumption has also been effectively stimulated." Liang Hongyu, a staff member of the Sports Section of Tongren Culture, Sports, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, introduced that the Huaguoshan Basketball Tournament is one of the most widely participated basketball events in Tongren City, and this year's competition attracted nearly 49 basketball enthusiasts from 800 teams inside and outside the province. "According to incomplete statistics, this basketball tournament has driven more than 800 million yuan in catering, accommodation, transportation and other expenses." Liang Hongyu said. From June to August, Tongren City organized 6 national fitness activities of various kinds, with more than 8,41 teams and more than 1600,6 athletes participating, and more than 2 million online and offline audiences.

To promote the integration of sports and tourism and drive the recovery of consumption, Tongren has its own unique advantages. Dragon boat racing is one of the traditional sports activities widely participated by the local people, and in Bijiang District, every dragon boat race, men, women and children will gather on both sides of the Jinjiang River to watch the race. Wooden dragon boats weave through the water, with the sound of firecrackers, shouts and cheers.

Liang Hongyu introduced that during this year's competition, Tongren City also held a food festival, selling special snacks and agricultural products. "Taking advantage of the popularity brought by the dragon boat race, we have realized cultural tourism to set up the stage, economic singing, and held a series of activities such as cultural tourism industry investment promotion meetings and automobile exhibitions. During the competition, Bijiang District received more than 70,6 tourists and achieved a total tourism income of <> million yuan. Liang Hongyu said.

In addition to dragon boat races, marathons and other events are also becoming more and more popular. In 2021, Tongren City built the Fanjing Mountain Smart Marathon Track, with a total length of about 43 kilometers, connecting Bijiang District and Jiangkou County at the foot of Fanjing Mountain. "This track is a fully enclosed marathon professional track, in addition to hosting events, it can also be used as a sightseeing trail during the tourist season, and it is also a fitness and health path for everyone during agricultural leisure time, realizing 'one multi-purpose'." Liang Hongyu said.

With the smart marathon track as the carrier, Tongren City actively builds events such as the Fanjing Mountain Road Cycling Race and the Fanjing Mountain Marathon. "We arranged the registration and reception of the event in the Zhongnanmen Historical and Cultural Tourism District located in the city center, and stimulated the consumption potential of the neighborhood through drainage." Yang Hongjun, director of the Tongren Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio, Television and Tourism, said, "We will continue to take the integration of sports and tourism as the starting point, strengthen brand events, and drive consumption growth." ”

Yunnan Chuxiong——

Relying on folk festivals

Drive characteristic industries

In August, the annual Torch Festival arrives as scheduled. In the Yi October Sun Calendar Cultural Park in Chuxiong City, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, people dressed in traditional costumes sang the tune of their left foot and danced with their left foot, and from time to time grabbed a handful of wood incense powder and sprinkled it on the lit torch, instantly igniting brilliant sparks.

It's not just at night. Rushing the streets, Yi embroidery dynamic exhibition, torch food festival... Various Torch Festival events are full of highlights. In the Chuxiong International Agricultural Products Trading Center of the China Agricultural Federation, the aroma of special food is overflowing, and fresh agricultural products are dazzling. Today, it is not only a good place for local merchants to trade, but also a centralized exhibition and sales point for high-quality agricultural products from all over Yunnan Province.

"Taking advantage of the Torch Festival, we bring our most distinctive agricultural products here to display and sell." Yang Ziyu, general manager of Nanhua Ziyu Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd., said, "Morels, red melon seeds, honey... The popularity of products opened up through offline exhibitions, and the response was quite enthusiastic. ”

Yang Dezhi, deputy director of Chuxiong Rural Revitalization Bureau, introduced: "This time, we also cooperate with e-commerce platforms to sell on-site agricultural products to various places through online product selection, on-site ordering, logistics and distribution, driving the development of local characteristic industries. "In this agricultural products exhibition, a total of 115 enterprises exhibited more than 100 kinds of agricultural products, and the average daily sales of online and offline reached more than 10,<> yuan.

According to statistics, during this year's Torch Festival, Chuxiong Prefecture received a total of 5.155 million tourists in five days. In the face of such a huge passenger flow, how to ensure the consumption experience of the majority of tourists and better promote consumption? Chuxiong Prefecture specially set up the Torch Festival Organizing Committee to coordinate relevant affairs and ensure that tourists are provided with a safe, comfortable and secure tourism environment.

In the past, the sharp increase in passenger traffic during the Torch Festival caused traffic congestion problems in Chuxiong Prefecture. This year, the local government adopted the mode of multi-point holding and multi-point blossoming in the location arrangement of the torch festival activities, and advocated the organization and development of activities according to local conditions. In addition, all departments at all levels, enterprises and institutions throughout the state will open internal parking lots to the public free of charge during the Torch Festival.

In order to effectively improve the tourist experience, on the one hand, Chuxiong Prefecture plans and launches a number of high-quality tourism route products according to the actual market conditions, increases publicity and promotion, and guides tourists to divert to various counties and cities in the prefecture for festivals and tours; On the other hand, the cultural and tourism department has joined hands with departments such as development and reform, market supervision and other departments to coordinate and strengthen the rectification of the cultural and tourism market, improve the channel of cultural tourism consulting services, improve the complaint handling mechanism, and carry out dispute mediation work in a timely manner to ensure the smooth operation of the cultural tourism market during the Torch Festival.

"During this year's Torch Festival, Chuxiong Prefecture achieved a total tourism revenue of 14.47 billion yuan, promoting the continuous heating up of the local tourism economy." The relevant person in charge of the Chuxiong Prefecture Cultural and Tourism Bureau introduced, "In the next step, Chuxiong Prefecture will rely on folk festivals to continue to drive the development of characteristic industries and continuously improve the service capacity and level of tourism." (People's Daily)