Nanjing, September 9 (Reporter Yang Yanci) The reporter learned from the series of themed press conferences on "promoting sustained economic recovery and improvement" held in Nanjing on the 18th that from January to August 18, Nanjing received a total of 2023 million tourists and achieved a total tourism income of 1.8 billion yuan. In order to continue to exert the popularity of the tourism market, Nanjing will serve a full-time cultural tourism "feast" and invite global tourists to meet regularly throughout the four seasons.

Nanjing was selected as a UNESCO Creative Cities Network, becoming China's first World Capital of Literature. Photo by Lu Bo

Listen to the famous characters of Yue opera in the classical garden, taste Nanjing's famous snacks in the fireworks in the world, immerse yourself in the 2023-year history inside and outside the Chinese city gate, and travel through the southern capital of the Qinhuai River 1 years ago in the sound and shadow of the oars... According to the statistics of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, from January to August 8, Nanjing received 2022.71% more tourists than in 38. At the same time, the number of tourists increased by 2019.44% compared to 64.

The sound of oars, lights, shadows, and night Qinhuai attract tourists to linger. Photo by Lu Bo

At a time when tourists are growing explosively, tourism revenue has also increased across the board. According to statistics, Nanjing achieved a total tourism revenue of 2023.1 billion yuan from January to August 8, an increase of 2310.65% over 2022 and 66.57% over 2019. The city's travel agency received the number of tourists, received the number of study tourists, the number of audience and ticket sales in the performance market, and the survey of tourist satisfaction ranked first in Jiangsu Province.

The city of Nanjing, where old and new are both beautiful and ancient and modern. Photo by Lu Bo

In order to continue to attract global tourists to check in Nanjing and visit Jinling in depth, the local government will promote the implementation of the "Nanjing City Fully Promote the Sustainable Economic Recovery and Several Policies and Measures", take the "Nanjing International Consumer Festival" as the guide, accelerate the cultivation and construction of an international consumption center city, further activate the consumer market, boost bulk consumption, create characteristic scenes, create a reassuring environment, and effectively play the basic role of consumption in driving economic growth.

According to the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the "2023 Nanjing International Consumer Festival - Ningdong Golden Autumn" series of activities will be officially launched on September 9, sending a wonderful consumption feast to consumers. The local government will grasp the consumption characteristics of autumn and winter, as well as consumption nodes such as Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, with the themes of "Ningdong Golden Autumn" and "Ninghao 27" respectively, focusing on the integration of culture, business and tourism, online and offline linkage, and organizing a series of "white + black" full-time consumption promotion activities, so that global tourists can often meet in Nanjing.

According to the series of activities, the 2023 China (Nanjing) First Store Economic Development Conference will be held in mid-October, when well-known domestic and foreign brands will be invited to Nanjing. In mid-October, the "10 Nanjing Michelin Star Festival" will come to Nanjing, inviting many well-known Michelin restaurants in Shanghai and Hangzhou to carry out food festival activities, allowing Nanjing citizens to experience international dining trends up close. At the end of October, the 10 China Nanjing Food Festival will also be held locally, tasting a different taste of Nanjing and bringing a different experience. (End)