The number of second-hand house listings has increased significantly

Liu Cheng, reporter of this newspaper

On September 9, Qingdao Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau issued news to adjust and optimize real estate policies.

The adjustment and optimization of Qingdao's real estate policy released this time mainly has two aspects: one is to adjust the housing purchase restriction area, move the south district and the north district of the city (except for the original four-party area) out of the purchase restriction area, and cancel the purchase restriction policy in the whole area; The second is to optimize the number of years of housing listing and trading, and within Qingdao, commercial housing can be listed and traded after obtaining a real estate certificate. In other words, within Qingdao, both local and foreign buyers, as long as they have the corresponding conditions for purchasing houses, can freely purchase commercial housing, and obtain a real estate certificate to be listed and traded, and there is no longer a limit on the number of transaction years. This also means that Qingdao has fully liberalized the property market purchase restrictions.

As soon as the new policy came out, it caused a lot of reaction from the market. Zhao Jiangjiang, the manager of Lianjia Luxin Changchun Garden store, said that sub-new houses that did not meet the transaction conditions before the implementation of the new policy have been re-registered.

It is reported that the cancellation of the housing listing and transaction period limit and the cancellation of the purchase restriction in the whole area are a good thing for people who want to buy a house in Qingdao's South District and Shibei District, but do not meet the qualifications; For owners who originally had the intention to sell the house, but the house did not meet the sale period, the sale process can also be accelerated. With the implementation of the new policy, buyers have a wider range of choices, more choices, and easier to buy housing that meets their wishes. Of course, the entry of new houses into the market will have a certain impact on Qingdao's "old and dilapidated" housing. However, the advantages of a truly livable and high-quality community will be more prominent.

According to Qingdao online real estate statistics, after the introduction of the new policy, as many new houses began to be listed, the number of second-hand housing listings soared. Only 9 hours after the release of the new house purchase policy, the number of second-hand housing listings increased by more than 3000,4643 sets, a total of <>,<> sets throughout the day.

Some experts analyzed that the latest policy of Qingdao's property market will stimulate the improvement group more obviously, especially the house replacement population, it is easier to obtain the first home purchase qualification, further reduce the cost of house replacement, and accelerate the process of house replacement. Although the overall adjustment of the policy has been relaxed, it should be noted that Qingdao still implements the loan restriction policy, and houses less than 2 years old are subject to VAT at the time of transaction.

Guan Rongxue, a senior analyst at Zhuge Data Research Center, believes that from a policy point of view, the abolition of purchase restrictions and the lowering of the threshold for buying houses mean that buyers who were originally not qualified to regain the qualification to enter the market, which will accelerate the flow of housing, release a number of housing demand, and boost transaction activity, which is of great significance for destocking and driving market vitality. The complete cancellation of the purchase restriction policy, coupled with the downward decline in the down payment ratio of housing loans and the interest rate of existing housing loans, once again released a heavy positive signal, which played a significant role in consolidating market confidence and sentiment.

The adjustment of commercial loans has attracted much attention

Reporter Wen Jicong

A few days ago, Dalian City issued the "Notice on Further Promoting Housing Consumption in Dalian", comprehensively and globally canceling the purchase and sale restriction policy, Dalian housing transactions are no longer restricted to the impact of the purchase and sale restriction policy, before the end of 2023, the purchase of houses in the four districts of Dalian City to enjoy 200 yuan / square meter purchase subsidy, after completing the deed tax payment, you can apply for collection, implement "house recognition but not loan", and implement credit and tax support policies.

The relevant person in charge of the Real Estate Development Department of Dalian Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau introduced that after the issuance of the circular, restrictive policies have been optimized, including housing purchase subsidies and policies to reduce transaction costs, commercial loan policies, real estate-related tax policies, various talent housing support policies, housing provident fund loan policies, etc. have all changed. Among them, the adjustment of commercial loan policies such as the lower limit of interest rates, the down payment ratio, and the recognition standards for the number of housing units have attracted much attention from home buyers. Major banks have also innovated means and practices, and have introduced specific policy measures.

Li Na, an expert from the personal credit department of the Dalian branch of the Agricultural Bank of China, said that the Dalian branch of the Agricultural Bank of China adjusted the housing loan policy as soon as the policy was issued. The first is to adjust the down payment ratio. On the basis of the abolition of purchase restrictions, the policy of minimum 20% down payment for first home loans and 30% down payment for second home loans will be implemented. The second is to reduce the lower limit of the interest rate of the second set of loans. The third is to optimize the identification standards for the number of housing units in personal housing loans.

Li Chuanwei, Director of the Office of China Construction Bank Dalian Branch, introduced that China Construction Bank Dalian Branch cooperated with the local real estate center to use the government affairs network platform to carry out online mortgages, and solve the external constraints one by one in response to the problems raised by the real estate registration center that affect the efficiency of the online process. At the same time, together with the Dalian Housing Provident Fund Management Center, the online mortgage mode of the provident fund portfolio loan was determined, the handling links were more streamlined, and the business approval efficiency was greatly accelerated, which effectively solved the problem of difficult and slow handling of personal housing portfolio loan.

Liu Hongyan, general manager of the consumer credit department of Dalian Branch of Postal Savings Bank, said that in response to this policy adjustment, mortgage customers who choose fixed interest rates or linked benchmark interest rates in the early stage will have an opportunity to change the loan market quotation rate (LPR). In addition, for existing housing loans that are currently in a bad state, customers can still apply for this interest rate adjustment after paying off the current arrears.

Confidence in buying a home is gradually returning

Jiang Bo, reporter of this newspaper

On September 9, Nanjing announced the latest measures to promote the development of the real estate market, and launched a package of sincere policies such as the complete abolition of purchase restrictions, the placement of collective land tickets, and subsidies for the purchase of newly built commercial housing. What impact will the new policy have on boosting consumption expectations and picking up the property market?

"In the past, there were up to 4 to 5 groups of house viewers per day, but after the introduction of the new real estate policy, there are more than 20 groups of house viewers every day, which is really busy." Chen Zhen, a property consultant for Nanjing Jiangchenfu project, said that in the past few days, the number of customer visits has doubled, although the number of subscriptions has not yet increased significantly, but he believes that the introduction of new policies has accurately met consumer demand, and buyers' confidence in buying homes is gradually returning.

Zhang Rujun, business director of Nanjing I Love My Home Rental Replacement Co., Ltd. Xinhe Yicun store, told reporters that a number of subsidy policies for buying new houses and selling old houses have been introduced this time, which will play a role in releasing consumers' demand for improved housing, and the number of listings and transaction transactions of second-hand houses has also shown an increasing trend.

Since the beginning of this year, Nanjing has introduced several rounds of new policies for the property market. Before the introduction of the new policy, due to the impact of favorable policies such as the fact that the existing first home personal commercial housing loan can apply to financial institutions to negotiate changes in interest rates, in the past August, 8,6967 sets of second-hand houses were sold in Nanjing, an increase of 2.1% month-on-month.

"Since the beginning of this year, the real estate situation has undergone major changes, and the introduction of Nanjing's new real estate policies is timely and necessary, conveying a strong signal to the market to continue to boost the market through policy efforts, which will help stabilize and enhance market expectations." Meng Xiangyuan, vice president of Nanjing Real Estate Society, said.

Soon after the introduction of Nanjing's new real estate policy, consumers' enthusiasm for buying houses and confidence in the development of the real estate industry have been significantly improved, and the market has also given positive feedback. In the latest week, the subscription volume of new commercial housing in Nanjing rose by 4.7%, and the transaction volume rose by 6%.

Experts said that although the increase in new home subscriptions has not been large, the increase has been very obvious compared with the market since April. With the gradual implementation of new policies such as subsidies and housing tickets, and with the peak season effect of "Golden Nine Silver Ten", Nanjing's real estate market is expected to continue to release demand.

The housing issue is not only an issue of people's livelihood but also an issue of development, which concerns the vital interests of thousands of households. The key to promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market lies in the effective, precise and sustained policies. "Nanjing's new real estate policy presents the characteristics of 'whole chain': the restrictions on land transfer at the front end are lifted, the purchase restrictions on medium-end commercial housing are fully liberalized, and the differentiated subsidies for talent purchase at the end should be released, exhausted, and early, which has played a good reference role." Meng Xiangyuan said. (Economic Daily)