The US Fed = Federal Reserve will hold a meeting to decide monetary policy for two days from the 19th. Signs of improvement in the labor shortage, which has been a factor in inflation, have strengthened the view in the market that the Fed will postpone raising interest rates.

The Fed has raised rates 3 times in a row since March last year to contain record inflation.

Although the Bank temporarily postponed raising interest rates at the June meeting, the Bank decided to raise the interest rate by 10.6 percent at the previous meeting in July, taking into account labor shortages and continued wage rises, which have been pointed out as factors contributing to inflation.

The meeting to decide monetary policy will be held for two days from the 7th.

Inflation, which has been the focus, is showing a tendency to subside.

The consumer price index for August, excluding food and energy, which are highly volatile by the Fed, fell to the lowest level in one year and 0 months since September.

In addition, data showing the percentage of people who are actually working is on an upward trend, and there are signs of improvement, such as wage increases being slower than at the peak.

This has strengthened the view in the market that the Fed will hold off on raising interest rates.

Markets are interested in whether there will be additional rate hikes later this year, with attention focused on what Chairman Powell said at his press conference and the outlook for future policy rates to be announced at this meeting.