Aurélien Fleurot // Photo credit: GODONG / BSIP / BSIP via AFP 12:55 pm, September 18, 2023

Every day, Europe 1 looks at an everyday idea or problem. The French have many treasures at home. Among these, our old mobile phones could bring a few hundred euros to each household. But in reality, few recycle their devices. But what do the French do with their old phones?

What if we had treasures in our drawers? According to Ademe, there are up to 110 million phones sleeping in our homes. While most devices are unusable, some are still in working order and could be worth their golden thinking. But what do the French do with the smartphones they keep at home?

Like Gwladys and Amélie, there are many "just in case": "The last one I keep in case the one I currently have falls into the roadstead," explains Gwladys at the microphone of Europe 1. "I admit, I put them aside saying 'just in case'. And in the end, it stays there, "admits Amélie.

Phones that keep precious memories

But for Luc, this "just in case" proved very useful: "I kept one in my drawers. Admittedly, it is broken, but I had the previous one stolen, so it will return to the drawer just in case" once the new phone arrives, says the young man. "It saved the day," he said.

Others like Karima prefer that their old phones do not circulate, for fear of having left personal data on them. "I think I'm keeping it because I didn't empty the photos and stuff... And they're at the bottom of my drawer," she says.

"It's always useful to someone"

But some are adopting more eco-responsible actions, while the environmental impact of the production of high-tech products is increasingly questioned. "Phone, computer... It's direct recycling. Otherwise, when they are at the end of their life, I give them away," says Agatha.

"It's always useful to someone," Laurence adds to the microphone of Europe 1. But when the phone still has value, many have become accustomed to reselling it or having it taken back by their operator to slightly reduce the price of the new one.