China News Network, September 9 (Reporter Ge Cheng Wu Tao) A few days ago, the news that "the 18 yuan 'Sauce Xiang King Room' was removed from the shelves immediately after it was on sale" aroused attention. In this regard, Fliggy customer service said that the product was temporarily removed from the shelves after being sold short and is currently adjusting.

Why does the 999 yuan "Sauce Fragrant King Room" attract attention? According to a number of media reports, the 999 yuan package sold on the Fliggy platform is only available for check-in on October 10, with a total of 1 reservation inventory, including 10 night + breakfast + dinner + 1 bottle of Moutai red wine + 1 bottle of Feitian Moutai. Some consumers said that although there are only 1 copies, if they can be grabbed, 10 yuan must have nothing to say, after all, a bottle of Moutai is 999 yuan (the original price of retail is almost impossible to buy).

However, on the 18th, the reporter inquired on the Fliggy Travel APP that there was no relevant package introduction.

On the afternoon of the 18th, Fliggy officially issued a statement saying that it had noticed the rumors that "Fliggy and Moutai cooperated to launch hotel packages" a few days ago, and was taking action to clarify the facts and avoid misunderstanding of consumers.

Fliggy said that on September 9, the 17 yuan and 999 yuan "Sanya Haitang Bay Moutai Resort 2999 night/1 nights tasting tour" hotel packages listed on the platform were supplied to Fliggy Travel by suppliers who cooperated with Sanya Haitang Bay Moutai Resort, and the platform further subsidized on this basis, providing preferential prices and combining design products, which was not launched by Kweichow Moutai Group or jointly launched with Kweichow Moutai Group.

In addition, "hotel packages" are pre-sold hotel services, and consumers can make reservations for check-in according to their own travel plans and real-time inventory of hotel rooms after placing an order.

So, currently staying in Sanya Moutai Resort, can I buy Feitian Moutai at the original price?

On the 18th, Zhongxin Finance called Sanya Haitang Bay Moutai Resort, and the customer service staff said that the hotel's current policy is to spend 1000,1499 yuan in the restaurant and can buy a bottle of Feitian Moutai for <>,<> yuan. The bottle cannot be taken away, the cap and body of the bottle need to be recycled. If customers want to buy more bottles of Maotai, it depends on the specific inventory in the restaurant. Reservations during the "November" period of the hotel are relatively tight, some room types have been sold out, and the price has been increased compared with before the holiday.

According to the official website of Moutai Group, Sanya Haitang Bay Moutai Resort Hotel is an important investment project of Moutai Group in Sanya. (End)