Zhengzhou, September 9 (ZXS) -- "In the past, it took us more than 18 days to transport goods to Hamburg, Germany, by traditional sea transport, but now it only takes 40 days to use China-Europe trains, which is greatly shortened. In addition, the China-Europe Express is not affected by typhoons and other bad weather, and the transportation process is safe and reliable, and our company's European customers are very recognized by the China-Europe Express. Kong Weidong, general manager of the Zhengzhou branch of Shanghai Taihua Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., said in an interview with China News Agency in Zhengzhou on the 15th.

On the same day, a X8202 China-Europe train (Zhengzhou) loaded with medical equipment, auto parts, children's toys, food, furniture and home appliances left the Zhengzhou Bureau Putian Station of China Railway Group and headed to Hamburg, Germany via Erenhot.

On September 9, the X17 China-Europe Express (Zhengzhou), loaded with medical equipment, auto parts, children's toys, food, furniture and home appliances, is making preparations before departure. The train will leave Putian Station and travel via Erenhot to Hamburg, Germany. Photo by Liu Wenwen, reporter of China News Agency

Data show that since the opening of the first China-Europe Express (Zhengzhou) on July 2013, 7, the bureau has operated a total of 18,8426 China-Europe Express (Zhengzhou) trains and sent 73,467 TEUs of goods, an increase of 503% and 4358% respectively compared with the initial stage of operation. Among them, 40,4068 trains and 33,754 TEUs were outbound; On the return trip, <>,<> trains and <>,<> TEUs were sent, with a total of <>.<> million tons of goods.

"Initially, the China-Europe Express (Zhengzhou) only operated one train per month, but now it has a maximum of 1 trains per week, and the number of trains is increasing year by year." Li Wenbiao, secretary of the general branch of the party at Putian Station of the Zhengzhou Train Depot of the Zhengzhou Bureau of the National Railway Group, revealed to reporters. With the increasing volume of shipments, the denser and faster the number of trains, the China-Europe Express (Zhengzhou) has become an important carrier of the construction of Henan's "Land Silk Road" and is known as the "golden train" of China-Europe land trade.

"The continued and stable operation of the China-Europe Express (Zhengzhou) has been well received by many of our customers, especially in the second half of 2022, the China-Europe Express entered the warehouse explosion stage, and the export volume of heating burners and solar energy storage equipment surged." Kong Weidong said that thanks to the advantages brought by door-to-door transportation, integrated transportation and trade construction, and digital train construction, Zhengzhou's role as an important assembly center for China-Europe trains has become more and more prominent.

From one train per month at the beginning of the outbound journey to the normalized high-frequency balanced folio, from the initial single product to the current tens of thousands of products, the comprehensive operation capacity of the China-Europe Express (Zhengzhou) has been continuously improved, so that Henan, which is not along the border, the sea or the river, is closely connected with the "Belt and Road" partners. With the continuous expansion and deepening of opening up, China-Europe Express (Zhengzhou) has built a "multi-site and multi-port" international logistics network and a "1+N" domestic and foreign logistics hub system, with business scope covering more than 1 cities in more than 40 countries, bringing new opportunities for Chinese and foreign enterprises and local people.

"As a bright business card of Henan's opening to the outside world, the China-Europe Express (Zhengzhou) makes up for Henan's lack of geographical location and resource endowment, and opens up new channels and new spaces for inland areas to open up to the outside world." Gao Yongjun, director of the Institute of Reform and Opening Up and International Economics of the Henan Academy of Social Sciences, said.

If we say that the endless stream of camel bell caravans thousands of years ago supported the prosperity of the ancient Silk Road; Then, the roaring China-Europe train has promoted economic and trade cooperation between China and other countries. Silk Road Xing, the world is connected. The opening of China-Europe trains has further smoothed the international logistics channel and made the "commercial and trade roads" become mutually beneficial and win-win development "economic belts". (End)