With the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day 8-day holiday "Super Long Golden Week" approaching, and multiple demands such as "family visit + tourism + Asian Games" are intertwined, the tourism market is expected to usher in the most concentrated demand in recent years.

Data from a number of travel platforms shows that this "super long golden week", consumer travel demand has been on the rise. According to the "National Day Holiday Travel Vane" released by Fliggy on September 9, up to now, the number of bookings for domestic travel products during the National Day holiday has increased by nearly 13 times compared with last year, and the number of bookings for outbound travel products has increased by more than 6 times compared with last year.

During this year's National Day holiday, parent-child tours, customized tours, and quality tours are sought after. According to Tuniu's data, 45% of the platform's Mid-Autumn Festival National Day travel users traveled with their children. According to data released by Donkey Mother, the number of trips for customized products on the platform increased by 2019% compared with 93. According to the data released by Wooden Bird B&B, users paid more attention to the quality of accommodation experience during this year's Double Festival holiday, and living well became the keyword.

Since the holiday lasts for 8 days, more tourists choose to travel further afield to enjoy the joy of travel, and give themselves and their families a vacation in sightseeing and cultural exploration. In terms of experience content, night tours to enjoy the moon, immersive check-in spaces, national tide theme tours, rural leisure formats, etc. are very popular. In addition, Tongcheng travel data shows that "stamped tourism" will replace the traditional photo check-in and become a new way for young people to check in on the trip, which will drive a new trend of tourism consumption.

However, the concentrated travel of tourists also tests the service guarantee ability of various places in terms of "eating, lodging, traveling, shopping and entertainment".

In terms of travel, Mafengwo data shows that during this year's National Day holiday, self-driving travel has become the most popular travel method for long-term domestic travel. All localities should prepare in advance and take effective measures to deal with peak traffic flows and alleviate problems such as "parking difficulties" in hot spots. In view of the problems such as the charging pile in the high-speed service area may have bad piles, transportation, power and other departments should conduct a comprehensive "physical examination" of the charging pile before the holiday to ensure the normal use of the charging pile; At the same time, reasonable allocation of operation and maintenance personnel to timely repair the charging pile with problems to avoid congestion for new energy vehicle owners.

In terms of accommodation, during the "May Day" holiday this year, the sharp rise in prices of some homestays and hotels caused consumers to complain, and some homestays and hotels also had malicious violations of contracts. In this regard, cultural tourism, market supervision and other departments, as well as relevant tourism platforms, should guide homestays, hotels, catering and other operators to be honest and trustworthy through issuing initiatives, consumer warnings, etc., and must not manipulate market prices, collude in price increases, maliciously break contracts, etc.

In terms of play, all localities should increase innovation in tourism products and services. For example, the rise of "stamped tourism" has brought more fun and ritual to young tourists, and major scenic spots can attract the interest of tourists by designing related activities. For example, special stamp points can be set up, seals of different forms and contents can be designed, and local famous attractions, landmark buildings, food, important cultural relics, etc. can be integrated into the seal, so as to increase tourist participation and improve the fun of collecting seals, attract more young tourists to the destination, and discover more hidden attractions and characteristic tourism experiences.

In addition, all localities should continue to carry out special inspections to crack down on "operating travel agency business without permission" and "unreasonable low-price tours", and severely crack down on deception and forced shopping, merchants lacking pounds and taxis, and "black cars" dumping and slaughtering customers.

All parties should work together to actively implement multiple measures to cope with the peak tourism period, make relevant services practical and detailed, continuously improve tourists' sense of gain, security and satisfaction, and actively create a good market environment, so that consumers dare to consume and are willing to consume, and further release the potential of tourism consumption. (Workers' Daily reporter: Yang Zhaokui)