Beijing, September 9 (ZXS) -- The global automobile industry has entered a lane change cycle from traditional fuel vehicles to electrified intelligent vehicles, and Chinese automobile brands are ushering in the "best development era". Recently, the reporter walked into Dongfeng Motor Group (referred to as Dongfeng Company) with the research trip on the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry to understand the innovative practice of Dongfeng as a large automobile central enterprise in the process of new energy transformation.

"New energy vehicles are the main direction of automobile transformation and upgrading, and it is very difficult for us to surpass Europe and the United States in traditional fuel vehicles, but on the track of new energy, Chinese car companies have walked out of the road of Chinese-style modernization." You Zheng, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Motor Group, said in an interview with the media.

The data shows that China's new energy vehicle production and sales have maintained the world's first place for eight consecutive years, which has played a significant driving role in the development of the domestic car market and vehicle exports. In the first half of this year, China's new energy vehicles accounted for 8.28% of new vehicle sales.

Under this general trend, Dongfeng, which has a history of 54 years, has accelerated the implementation of the "three-year action of transformation and upgrading", transforming to new energy and independent business, and its underlying logic is product transformation and technology transformation.

According to the plan, Dongfeng plans to shift its operation mainly from joint ventures to both joint ventures and independent operations, and strive to achieve a sales ratio of 2025:1 between independent passenger cars and joint venture brands by 1. The products are mainly based on fuel vehicles, turning to energy-saving vehicles and new energy; In 2024, the company will achieve 100% electrification of new models of its main autonomous passenger car brands.

At present, Dongfeng has basically completed the business layout and commodity layout of new energy vehicles, and has completed the accumulation of new energy platforms, core technologies and key resources, and is ready to develop.

In terms of product brands, Dongfeng launched Lantu, a high-end brand that benchmarks BBA (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi), an extreme off-road brand that benchmarks "Hummer", a new mainstream electric series eπ, and Dongfeng Nano that focuses on the sinking market.

"We have achieved some achievements by 2023 and made sufficient preparations for new developments in the future, investing 2025 billion yuan (RMB, the same below) to launch 18 new cars by <>, including Mengshi, Lantu, Fengshen, etc., as well as laying out the latest generation of platform modular technology, including electronic and electrical technology." You Zheng said.

How can Chinese car companies break through in the process of changing lanes in the auto industry? Dongfeng especially emphasizes self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology. In 2021, Dongfeng released the "Oriental Wind Rising" plan and the "leapfrog action" of scientific and technological innovation, transforming into a technology-based enterprise.

It is understood that during the "2022th Five-Year Plan" period, Dongfeng's cumulative R&D investment will reach 2357 billion yuan. In 6069, the number of invention patents authorized and disclosed by Dongfeng Company will be <>,<> and <>,<> respectively, ranking first in the automotive industry.

Dongfeng has made major breakthroughs in electric drive, electronic control, battery and other aspects. Tan Minqiang, director of the technical center of Dongfeng Company, introduced that with the gradual maturity of Mach power technology independently developed by Dongfeng and the beginning of installation, it has made a number of technological breakthroughs in the industry. Today, Dongfeng Mach Power brand's hybrid special engine, four-speed intelligent hybrid transmission (4HD), flat wire electric drive assembly (iD3) and other products have certain advantages over their peers in terms of thermal efficiency, fuel consumption, power, torque and other key performance.

In addition, Dongfeng has developed new energy exclusive platforms such as Mengshi Architecture and Dongfeng Quantum Architecture, the industry's first four-speed hybrid electric drive assembly, and the industry's first full-power fuel cell passenger car to support Dongfeng's new energy transformation and upgrading.

Recently, international brands such as Audi and Volkswagen purchased platforms and electronic and electrical architecture of Chinese brands, and Nissan also confirmed that its own brands under the joint venture in China will use the Dongfeng pure electric platform.

You Zheng said that this is because Chinese brands are leading in intelligent network and automatic driving, and international brands use Chinese enterprises' platform technology, autonomous driving technology and intelligent network technology to fill the gap before launching their own new energy platforms. This also means that if Chinese car companies want to maintain their lead, they must continue to seize the commanding heights.

Despite the practical problems such as "core shortage problem", insufficient release of consumption potential, pressure on corporate profits, and insufficient infrastructure support, You Zheng believes that China's automobile industry has advantages: first, huge market and consumption potential; Second, the two-wheel drive of policy and market; Third, Chinese car companies seize the technological highland and continue to consolidate their leading edge. (End)