China News Network, September 9 (Zhongxin Financial Reporter Zuo Yuqing) The phenomenal popularity caused by the "sauce coffee" jointly signed by Moutai and Luckin has not yet dissipated, and Moutai soon officially announced the next "new love": On September 17, Dove and Kweichow Moutai official Weibo successively announced that they will launch a new Mao Xiaoling wine heart chocolate product on September 9.

On the 16th, the joint chocolate went on sale, and the price of 35 yuan and 2 pieces was also close to the luxury chocolate brand. Is Moutai chocolate with "Mao content" 2% expensive?

Seconds off sale! Some people sell it at a markup on a second-hand platform

According to the official Weibo of Kweichow Moutai, the joint wine heart chocolate added 2% 53% vol Kweichow Moutai wine, and it was sold in limited quantities through multiple channels of online e-commerce and offline supermarkets.

The co-branded chocolate includes two flavors, classic and reduced, with 2 capsules of 20g and 12 pieces of 120g. Among them, the 16-piece classic wine heart chocolate gift box priced at 2 yuan/70 boxes and 2 pieces priced at 12 yuan/box were first launched online on the 169th; Reduced sugar wine heart chocolate gift box 12 capsules, priced at 179 yuan / box.

On September 9, the official Weibo of Kweichow Moutai announced that it will launch a new Mao Xiaoling wine heart chocolate product on September 14.

Zhongxin Finance noted that before the start of sales on September 9, the number of viewers in the Dove Taobao live broadcast room reached 16,12, and all three chocolates were sold out within a second when the sale started.

"Place an order immediately on time, but the system error is displayed, and then the order is re-placed and it will show that it is out of stock." A consumer who participated in the order grabbing told Zhongxin Finance.

Since the specific number of first-time launches was not officially disclosed before the sale, some consumers suspected that this may be hunger marketing. Zhongxin Finance found that on the second-hand platform, some people began to resell the snatched chocolate, and the original price of 179 yuan of 12 pieces of reduced sugar wine heart chocolate gift box has been increased to a maximum of 500 yuan.

On the second-hand platform, some people resold Moutai co-branded chocolates at a higher price. Screenshot of web pages

In this regard, Dove customer service said that the stock has been sold out, and the pre-sale of 17 gift boxes will be opened at 19 am from the 10th to the 2th. Dove Guanbo said that it has reached a long-term cooperation with Moutai, and "Mao Xiaoling Wine Heart Chocolate will always accompany everyone."

Is 35 yuan 2 expensive?

As the co-branded chocolates went on sale and sold out, "Is 35 yuan 2 Moutai chocolates expensive?" "Also rushed to Weibo hot search.

So, is Moutai co-branded chocolate cheap?

According to the calculation of adding 2% Feitian Moutai wine, 1g of 10g chocolate contains 0.2g of Feitian Moutai wine, which is about 0.22ml. According to the factory price of 53% Vol Feitian Moutai dealer 969 yuan / bottle purchase price, the cost of Moutai wine in a chocolate is about 0.43 yuan, less than 1 yuan.

From the perspective of chocolate brands, the unit price of Moutai co-branded chocolates of different specifications according to weight is 1.4 yuan/g-1.75 yuan/g, while the unit price of Soft 234g packaged silky milk chocolate is 0.128 yuan/g, the unit price of Godiva 36 gift box chocolates is 2.26 yuan/g, and the unit price of Venchi 100g chocolate is 0.85-0.9 yuan/g. This means that the price of Moutai co-branded chocolate can almost rank among luxury chocolate brands.

Why does Moutai frequently co-brand?

From self-developed ice cream to co-branded sticks with Middle Street, from coffee co-branded with Luckin to chocolate co-branded with Dove, Moutai has gone further and further on the road of cross-border marketing.

At this year's Moutai ice cream first anniversary celebration, Ding Xiongjun, chairman of Moutai Group, said that Kweichow Moutai will increase the research and development of wine-based chocolate, wine-containing drinks, sticks, soft ice and other products, and establish a product matrix of different types, different prices, and distinctive characteristics.

For young consumers, more and more joint activities may make Moutai no longer "unattainable" to some extent. However, some people are worried that too much cross-border marketing will impact consumers' perception of Moutai's existing "scarcity", thereby diluting Moutai's brand value.

Cai Xuefei, wine analyst and general manager of Zhiqu Consulting, said that cross-border itself is an important means to break the boundaries of enterprises, expand product consumers, and activate the brand image.

However, he also pointed out that cross-border marketing has high requirements for the value and operation of the main brand, and if the cross-border product research and development is improper, the cross-border may dilute the value of the main brand, and the cross-border of inappropriate categories will confuse consumers' minds and affect the brand image.

Infographic: Citizens line up to buy Moutai ice cream. Photo by Yang Huafeng

In Cai Xuefei's view, cross-border co-branding in practice is more of a short-term marketing method, not universal, and there are certain market risks in long-term cross-border operations. "Especially for social products such as high-end liquor, consumers attach great importance to the identity empowerment value given by the product."

Nevertheless, Zhongxin Finance noticed that the popularity of sauce latte and Mao Xiaoling wine heart chocolate has brought a series of "Maotai effect". In addition to various posts and memes by social media netizens, wine companies such as Shede Liquor, Guyue Longshan, and Zhangyu were also asked by investors about plans for joint cooperation.

In addition, many wine companies have already laid out cross-border co-branding. For example, in 2020, Luzhou Laojiao successively co-branded tea hundred ways and fragrant fluttering, and launched the slightly drunk milk tea "Drunken Walk on the Road" and low-alcohol brewed milk tea "Peach Drunken Double Pin"; In 2021, Xiangjiao Wine Industry and Chayan Yueshi launched the "Shisser" drink containing trace amounts of liquor; In August 2023, Luzhou Laojiao cooperated with Nai Xue's tea to launch an opening gift box.

Will you choose to buy such co-branded products? (End)