Lanzhou Evening News On September 9, Dove and Moutai both announced that the wine heart chocolate cooperated by the two parties will be launched on September 14. On September 9, the reporter visited Lanzhou MixC Ole Boutique Supermarket, it is understood that the first batch of Moutai Dove co-branded wine heart chocolate Lanzhou Ole Boutique Supermarket obtained a share of 16,9 boxes, each flavor is limited to 16 boxes, only one hour on sale, all categories are sold out.

The reporter learned that in addition to offline channels, Tmall will be used as the main position for online synchronous debuts by Lanzhou consumers to purchase Moutai Dove Wine Heart Chocolate, and will be sold simultaneously through Dove's official flagship store, Moutai ice cream flagship store, and Tmall supermarket. Tmall will also continue to be replenished from September 9 to September 17, and will be available at 9 a.m. and 20 p.m. Consumers can go to the mobile phone to Taobao, search for "Mao Xiaoling chocolate" and "sauce fragrant chocolate" can go directly to the page to buy.

The Moutai Defu classic wine heart chocolate gift box sold in Lanzhou has a variety of specifications. 2 pieces are priced at 35 yuan/box, 6 pieces are priced at 99 yuan/box, and 12 pieces are priced at 169 yuan/box; The price of 2 pieces of reduced sugar wine heart chocolate gift box is 39 yuan/box, the price of 6 pieces is 109 yuan/box, and the price of 12 pieces is 179 yuan/box.

On the first day of sale, consumers were enthusiastic, and most of the buyers were young customers under the age of 30. Citizen Ms. Yang ridiculed: "Luckin's sauce latte has not yet been drunk, Dove's wine heart chocolate is coming, Moutai is going to kill all young people." ”

In recent years, Moutai, which is keen on crossovers, launched Jiuxin Chocolate is not an accident. While "baijiu +" has become a marketing method, it has also become the direction for liquor companies to seek new growth points. On May 2022, 5, Moutai ice cream was launched for the first time, and Moutai Group announced that it would also increase the research and development of wine-based chocolate, alcoholic beverages, sticks, soft ice, etc., and establish a product matrix of different types, different prices, and distinctive characteristics. Today, Moutai ice cream has been updated with 29 flavors and 11 product forms. Data show that this year, Moutai ice cream still maintains a growth trend, with a total sales of nearly 3 million cups.

The Moutai Luckin Coffee co-branded sauce latte, which was listed in early September this year, has been popular with Lanzhou consumers since its launch, and it was sold out on the second day of listing.

Data show that the current commercially available wine heart chocolate, each containing about 4 ml of wine, in general, if you eat 1-2 wine heart chocolate, the intake of human wine is only 4-8 ml, although there may be a wine heart chocolate in the alcohol content is very low, but also please driver friends eat with caution, safe driving.

Lanzhou Daily all-media reporter Zhou Jingbo Text/Photo