China News Network, September 9 (Zhongxin Financial Reporter Zuo Yukun) On September 14, the news that "Beijing has lifted the second-hand housing guidance price restriction since September 9, and the housing listings in 12 school districts in Haidian have resumed listing" circulated in the market.

After consulting with real estate intermediaries in Haidian District, Zhongxin Financial Reporter learned that it could not be directly said "canceled", but some high-priced listings that had been hidden before could be directly displayed, or had a positive impact on the mentality of buyers.

It is found that since last year, many cities have successively relaxed restrictions on the guidance price of second-hand houses. How will this affect real estate market transactions?

A house in Beijing. Photo by Zuo Yukun

"Some high-priced listings can be displayed directly"

The guidance price of second-hand housing in Beijing can be traced back to the period from 2020 to 2021, when Haidian District was in a period of high heat, and the high-quality education resource area was the "top of the top": 14,16-20,<> yuan / ㎡ has become an average price, prices above <>,<> / ㎡ are frequent, and news that house prices have jumped by hundreds of thousands overnight has also occurred frequently.

So at the end of September 2021, the Beijing Haidian District Real Estate Brokerage Association released the second-hand housing transaction guidance reference price in some hot communities. For 9 key residential areas in Haidian, guidance prices are given for small units below 29 square meters, medium units of 60-60 square meters and large units of more than 90 square meters. If the guide price is exceeded by 90%, the intermediary will not be allowed to list.

Has this requirement been relaxed? Xiaojing, a real estate agent in Haidian District, Beijing, told Zhongxin Financial Reporter: "We verbally say 'cancel', but in fact, it is only some high-priced listings that have been hidden from the real price before, and some high-priced houses that have not been displayed have also been sold before." The cancellation is still subject to the official caliber, and there is still a limit of 18,<> yuan per unit price. ”

Zhongxin Finance's inquiry into the real estate intermediary platform found that taking the Huangzhuang community, which previously had a guidance price of about 14,7 yuan/㎡, as an example, it has been possible to query a number of listings with a unit price higher than this price, and the highest unit price reached 17,9956 yuan/m². The situation in other communities is similar, but there are also no listings with a unit price of more than 18,<> yuan / ㎡.

Screenshot of some high-priced second-hand listings in Haidian District, Beijing.

Zhongxin Finance called the Beijing Haidian District Housing Management Bureau on September 9, but the phone was not connected. According to surging news reports, the staff of the Haidian District Housing Management Bureau said that at present, dynamic adjustments are made to display housing information according to normal market prices.

In addition, the real estate WeChat public account "Jingfangzi" said that it learned from the Haidian Housing Association that the second-hand housing transaction guidance price in these 29 communities was not canceled, but with the actual market situation has been adjusted, high-priced school district housing is still among the guidance.

Xiaojing said that the prices of some popular listings in Haidian are still relatively strong in the long run, but due to the restrictions of second-hand housing guidance prices, some high-priced listings cannot be directly displayed before. After seeing the listing in public channels, buyers need to contact the agent, and they will then consult the real price from the intranet; Or some high-priced listings may not be listed directly, and you have to talk to the agent to know.

"For example, if there is a house, the unit price according to the guidance price cannot exceed 11,11, and the price seen on the platform must be lower than 12,14, but the price we check from the internal network is likely to be 5,6-9,10." There are also some new housing communities, the display price is cheaper, about <>,<>-<>,<>, but the actual price may be <>-<>,<>, you have to ask privately to know. Xiaojing gave an example.

"However, some houses did drop in price some time ago, which is similar to the guide price." Xiaojing added that it is only the adjustment of the listing display, which has not yet had any impact on the actual transaction price, and can only be said to be able to see the real price more directly, and buyers will have a feeling of "buying and leaving", which may produce a positive change in mentality.

The guidance price of second-hand housing in many places has been loosened

In fact, many cities that have clearly introduced second-hand housing guidance prices have also begun to loosen and change.

On February 2021, 2, Shenzhen took the lead in establishing a second-hand housing reference price release mechanism in China, and then showed a "bubble squeeze" trend of continuous decline in second-hand housing prices, which also attracted many insiders to sigh "Shenzhen property market has been regulated for so many years, and the reference price is the most powerful." ”

However, in April this year, Shenzhen also repeatedly reported that it would adjust the guidance price. Although there is no official information, banks and others have also adopted a more flexible approach in the follow-up actual implementation process.

Taking Xi'an, which has implemented the reference price of second-hand housing since July 2021, as an example, in May 7, Xi'an issued the Notice on Issues Related to Adjusting the Commodity Housing Trading Policy, which clearly mentioned "promoting the circulation of second-hand housing".

Since then, the second-hand housing transaction reference price has disappeared from a number of second-hand housing trading platforms in Xi'an, and after confirmation by the relevant staff of the Xi'an Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Xi'an is currently suspending the release of the reference price, and some intermediary platforms can respect the seller's will to list the second-hand housing price when displaying the second-hand housing price, or refer to the transaction reference price to list.

In addition, there are Chengdu, Guangzhou, Dongguan and other places, all of which have weakened the guidance price of second-hand housing.

Chen Xiao, a senior analyst at Zhuge Data Research Center, believes that the necessity of second-hand housing guidance prices is gradually weakening, in order to boost the market and drive buyers' enthusiasm to enter the market, liberalizing the guidance price is the only way.

"Recently, the official announcement of many cities is the implementation of 'house recognition without loan', the cancellation of purchase restrictions and sales restrictions, etc., which is more favorable to new houses; The relaxation of the guidance price is aimed at the relaxation of second-hand housing, which is conducive to promoting the linkage of first-hand and second-hand houses, improving the liquidity of housing, and driving the repair of home purchase confidence, which is of great significance to promote the recovery of the market. Chen Xiao believes that at the same time, Beijing's "lead" this time also plays an important role in the policy adjustment of other cities.

"The current relaxation of the price limit policy for second-hand houses is actually related to the major changes in the supply and demand relationship of second-hand housing, which is reflected in the significant increase in the number of second-hand housing listings, and the stabilization of buyers' mentality of purchasing second-hand houses." Yan Yuejin, research director of the E-House Research Institute, also believes. (End)