United Arab Emirates: 86 million captagon pills seized in Dubai

It is a drug that floods the Gulf countries, often considered one of the main markets. A major seizure of captagon was announced on Thursday by the authorities of the United Arab Emirates. One of the largest in recent years since tens of millions of pills of this amphetamine have been intercepted.

A bag filled with captagon pills seized in July 2022 (Illustration image). © JOSEPH EID / AFP

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With our correspondent in Dubai, Nicolas Keraudren

The announcement was made on social media against a backdrop of suspense music. It first shows police officers tracking down suspects after obtaining an information. Then, seize five containers before opening the goods stored inside. The captagon was carefully hidden in door panels and other objects.

A total of 86 million amphetamine pills were seized by UAE authorities in a single operation called "Storm". The value of this cargo is more than a billion dollars. The nationality of the six people arrested, the origin of the containers and their final destination were not specified.

But in many seizures in recent years, in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, captagon pills were from Syria or Lebanon.

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