The flow of family visits and tourism is intertwined, and this year's Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday -

Railway passenger flow will show strong growth

For popular train tickets, the railway department recommends making full use of the standby ticket purchase function

The reporter learned from China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Railway Group") that this year's railway National Day Golden Week transportation began on September 9 and ended on October 27, lasting 10 days. On September 8, railway 12 sold train tickets for the first day of transportation during the National Day Golden Week.

Estimated to send 1 million passengers -

Golden Week passenger flow will always remain high

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday is unified, lasting 8 days. The railway department expects that the flow of family visits and tourism flows will be intertwined, and the railway passenger flow will show a strong growth trend.

"From the perspective of passenger flow trends, long-distance passenger flow is dominated by long-distance passenger flow at both ends of the holiday, and there will be a peak passenger flow. The middle is dominated by short-distance passenger flow, which will always maintain a high level. Shan Xinghua, deputy director of the Railway 12306 Science and Technology Innovation Center, said.

In order to cope with the peak passenger flow, this year's railway National Day Golden Week transportation started on September 9 and ended on October 27, with a period of 10 days, extended by 8 days before and after the holiday, and the transportation period exceeded the Golden Week of previous years.

At the same time, the national railway implements the peak operation map and increases the transportation capacity. On the one hand, 320 direct passenger trains of the cross-railway bureau group company will be added, including 214 EMUs (including 200 night high-speed railways) and 106 general speed passenger trains. On the other hand, the reconnection operation of EMUs, the addition of trailer cars for general speed passenger trains, etc., to increase the seats of passengers in popular directions, and in principle, the direction of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou will be operated with full shaft or full formation.

According to Shan Xinghua, it is expected that during the National Day Golden Week, the average daily passenger seat capacity will increase by 2019.18% compared with the same period in 5; The national railway is expected to carry 1 million passengers.

In view of the possible sudden large passenger flow, the railway department reserves hot standby EMUs, general speed passenger train vehicles and crew personnel at major hub nodes across the country, and can be put into operation at any time to meet the travel needs of passengers in the event of sudden passenger flow.

The peak ticket sales are expected to be September 9 -

The success rate of railway 12306 standby cashing is more than 75%.

On September 9, the railway department began to sell tickets for the first day of transportation (September 13) during the National Day Golden Week. "We expect the peak ticket sales to occur on September 9, and tickets for September 27 will be available on that day." Shan Xinghua said.

Big data predictions show that some popular train tickets may have a "second light" phenomenon. Shan Xinghua explained that during the National Day Golden Week, passenger travel demand was "crowded", resulting in tight capacity in local areas and time periods. Especially for some popular routes, some trains with more suitable departure and end times and shorter travel times are the preferred travel options for many passengers. When these train tickets are on sale, due to the very high degree of attention, a large number of passengers quickly "grab tickets" through various ticket sales channels, and the phenomenon of "second light" may occur.

The data shows that Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi'an and other cities will become popular areas for tourists to depart and arrive. In addition, Hangzhou will host the Asian Games during the National Day Golden Week, which may also become a popular destination for high-speed rail travel. In this regard, Shan Xinghua suggested that the majority of passengers can make full use of the railway 12306 standby ticket purchase function. "Historical data shows that the success rate of railway 12306 standby cashing is more than 75%." Shan Xinghua said.

"Summer data shows that the daily ticket sales of railway 12306 reached about 1800 million, but the actual number of passengers sent was only about 1400 million, which means that nearly 20% of passengers have refunds and changes." Shan Xinghua said that therefore, I hope that passengers will increase their patience and extend the waiting time by submitting multiple "date, train, and seat" combinations, which can increase the success rate of waitlists.

In addition, if you cannot buy a direct ticket, it is recommended that passengers buy a connecting ticket to meet their travel needs through segmented rides. Railway 12306 will intelligently recommend the transfer plan with surplus tickets for passengers to choose according to their travel needs and remaining tickets. In order to facilitate passengers to transfer to the train, the railway department has set up convenient interchange lanes in 100 major stations. Arrange station staff to do a good job of guidance service, passengers can enter the waiting room to wait without leaving the station, effectively shortening the transfer time.

Adjust capacity according to ticket sales -

For standby ticket passengers, railway 12306 will take the initiative to push and increase temporary passenger information

For the ticketing rules of railway 12306, many passengers have doubts. In response, China Railway Group responded.

Let's look at the ticket release time first. The pre-sale period for train tickets is 15 days inclusive, but the starting time varies from station to station. For example, Beijing West Railway Station and Nanjing South Railway Station are 8:00 a.m., Guangzhou South Railway Station is 10:00 a.m., and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is 1:30 p.m. Passengers can use the "start time" query function in the official railway 12306 APP to query the start time of a specified station.

Let's look at the distribution of long and short tickets. The railway department will give priority to long-distance passengers from the departure station to the final station. At the same time, taking into account the needs of short-distance passengers, when the long-distance ticket quota is sufficient, the ticket amount is dynamically adjusted according to the change of passenger demand, and part of the ticket amount is automatically transferred to various stations along the route in different time slots, so as to meet the needs of short-distance passengers for ticket purchase. "During the National Day Golden Week transportation period, the railway department will adjust the distribution of capacity as needed every day to meet the diversified needs of passengers as much as possible." Shan Xinghua said.

Finally, look at the capacity adjustment. In addition to adjusting the distribution of tickets according to needs, the railway department will also reconnect the additional trains in time according to the ticket sales situation, or increase the number of passengers. This information, railway 12306 will notify passengers in time through 12306 APP, SMS, Alipay, etc.

Regarding the purchase of tickets by third-party platforms, China Railway Group said that Railway 12306 has never authorized any third-party platform to sell train tickets. The real-name system is implemented for the purchase of train tickets, and the identity information corresponds to the ticket information one by one. Third-party platforms will retain user information during the ticketing process, which not only has "traps" such as surcharges and bundled sales services, but also may have the risk of personal information leakage. China Railway Group reminds that passengers must purchase tickets through official railway channels. The technical team of railway 12306 has also taken targeted preparatory measures to prevent malicious ticket grabbing and other aspects to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the ticketing system. (People's Daily reporter Li Xinping)