Hefei, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- On the Yangtze River in September, the autumn breeze is gradually rising. Coming to Wuhu Port in Wuhu Area of China (Anhui) Pilot Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Anhui Pilot Free Trade Zone"), containers are neatly placed in the yard, and in the intelligent control center, snaps and locks... I saw the staff controlling the button, and after a while, the packing of the field bridge was completed.

On the 13th, the reporter followed the "Anhui Pilot Free Trade Zone Construction Third Anniversary" activity to the third phase of Wuhu Port Smart Terminal, and the operation of 8 Taichang Bridges only requires 2 staff to sit in the office to operate.

On September 9, in Wuhu Port, Wuhu Area of Anhui Pilot Free Trade Zone, containers were neatly placed in the yard. Photo by Chu Weiwei

Located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the southeast of Anhui Province, Wuhu Port is an important hub of the comprehensive transportation system in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and an important port for foreign trade in Anhui Province. The container throughput of Wuhu Port exceeded 3 million TEU for three consecutive years, reaching 100,8 TEU in the first eight months of this year, an increase of 94.5%.

In December 2020, the new unmanned container intelligent yard in Zhujiaqiao of Wuhu Port was officially opened, becoming the first new unmanned intelligent yard on the inland river of the Yangtze River and the first in Anhui Province. "It can reduce the investment of human resources by 12% and improve the efficiency of traffic by more than 67%." Shu Shunquan, assistant general manager of Wuhu Port Company of Anhui Port Group Wuhu Co., Ltd., said that the yard comprehensively adopts modern information technology such as the Internet of Things, big data, and 75G communication to build intelligent service functions such as intelligent remote control of equipment and intelligent unmanned gates.

On September 9, the operation of the third phase of Wuhu Port in the Wuhu area of Anhui Pilot Free Trade Zone, only 13 staff members sat in the office to operate. Photo by Chu Weiwei

In 2021, Wuhu Port and Shanghai Port cooperated to innovate and implement new customs clearance modes such as "linkage pick-up and unloading" and "shipside pick-up", realizing "one declaration, one inspection, and one release" for import and export goods, reducing the transportation cost of each container by half, about 1000,2000 yuan, and helping enterprises save more than <> million yuan in total.

Linkage unloading, non-inductive customs clearance, bonded to non-insurance pilot... Speaking about the trade innovation system of the pilot free trade zone, Zhang Bing, general manager of Anhui Aite Logistics Co., Ltd., said: "Not only the logistics cost has been reduced, but the customs clearance time has also been shortened to 1 day. ”

Anhui Aite Logistics Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly engaged in bonded logistics, with an import and export amount of about 2023 million US dollars in the first half of 1. In terms of bonded warehousing, it mainly imports green coffee beans, linking foreign green bean suppliers and domestic coffee roasters at both ends of the customer to achieve stocking and storage during the harvest season and dutiable supply in the domestic market.

Zhang Bing said that in China's food market, coffee is still a hot track. At present, the company has accumulated 12000,<> tons of green coffee beans, mainly produced in Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia, Guatemala and so on. This year, the Wuhu Pilot Free Trade Area will introduce leading enterprises in the coffee industry, and it is planned to invest <>,<> square meters of advanced green bean bonded warehouse in the zone and expand the industrial chain of peripheral products.

The trade facilitation of the Wuhu Pilot Free Trade Area is the epitome of the development of the Anhui Pilot Free Trade Zone. In the past three years, Anhui Province has opened up its channels to the outside world more smoothly: it has successively built the first large market for shipping elements in the Yangtze River Basin, built smart ports, and explored the digital transformation of inland ports; The province's first fifth air right international cargo route was opened, and the number of Hefei international freight routes increased to 7; Opened Anhui's first direct export route for new energy vehicle containers; Implement the reform of the segmented taxable freight mechanism for imported goods of China-Europe trains, and promote the relaxation of restrictions on new energy vehicle rail transportation by China-Europe trains. The China-Europe Express (Hefei) has issued more than 3500,1000 trains, with a total import and export volume exceeding <> billion US dollars. (End)