Kunming, September 9 (ZXS) -- At 14:9 on September 14, a 12 train carrying 29 fruit cold chain containers entered the Mohan Railway Port in Yunnan, China, which is the 16th batch of fruit cargo after the opening of the first international cold chain special train of the China-Laos Railway. Up to now, the China-Laos Railway has transported a total of 21018,205 tons of fruits and vegetables, of which 8,2 tons of fruits and vegetables have been imported and 6,6 tons of fruits and vegetables exported by China, with a cargo value of more than 1 billion yuan.

In the past, Southeast Asian fruits entered China from Mohan, mainly using the mode of public railway combined transport, entering from Mohan Highway Port, and then sent to various parts of China by railway after customs supervision. Since the designated supervision site for imported fruits at Mohan Railway Port was put into use on December 2022, 12, tropical fruits from Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Laos, as well as pomegranates, yacons and vegetables from Yunnan, China, have been quickly sold to the two markets with the advantages of convenient customs clearance and large-scale international freight by the China-Laos Railway, enriching people's "fruit baskets" and "vegetable baskets".

Li Rongping, head of Yunnan Hongyun International Trade Port, which carries out trade through the China-Laos Railway, said that the opening of the China-Laos Railway has brought great convenience to fruit dealers. "First, the time is fast, saving at least one day compared to the traditional way; Second, the freight rate is low, and the transportation cost can be greatly reduced; Third, cold chain containers improve the freshness of fruits and vegetables. ”

In order to improve the transportation efficiency of Southeast Asian fruits exported to China, the Chinese railway department and the customs department have continuously optimized the organizational process and customs clearance inspection measures of imported fruit transportation, and adopted customs clearance facilitation measures such as "green channel", "document pre-examination", "two-step declaration and summary taxation", so as to achieve "immediate inspection, immediate inspection and release", and greatly reduce the stay time of imported fruits at Mohan Railway Port. (End)