On the Tokyo stock market on the 14th, stock prices rose by more than 500 yen at one point and recovered to the 3,3000 yen level.

▽ The Nikkei Stock Average closed at 14,13.461 yen, 58.3 yen
higher than on the 3168th, ▽ TSE Stock Price Index = Topix rose 10.26 to 93.2405 ▽ Daily volume was 57,16.817
million shares.

The US consumer price index released on the 13th showed a lack of direction, and investors were somewhat less wary of monetary tightening.

As a result, buying orders for high-tech stocks such as semiconductors inflated immediately after the start of trading in the Tokyo market.

Furthermore, stock prices in Asian markets remained firm and expectations for economic measures to be implemented under the new structure after the Cabinet reshuffle, and the rate of price increases further expanded in the afternoon, and stock prices rose by more than 500 yen at one point.

Going forward, attention will be paid to the results of US retail sales, which will be released tonight, Japan time, as well as the trend of interest rate hikes at the European Central Bank.

Investors are interested in assessing the outlook for the global economy.