China News Network, September 9 (Zhongxin Financial Reporter Song Yusheng) Recently, it was reported that a NetEase employee was threatened by the company's HR due to a work error (code has a bug), and the employee committed suicide. At the same time, pictures circulated on the Internet showed that the employee suffered from depression.

The reporter learned that on September 9, NetEase Fuxi issued an internal letter announcing the incident and the company's follow-up care plan.

Regarding the incident, NetEase's internal letter said that at 9 pm on September 4, the employee revealed for the first time that he may have a tendency to depression and has suffered from insomnia in recent weeks. HRBP (Human Resources Business Partner) has arranged for him to take leave in the afternoon of the same day, after learning the situation. From September 3 to 9, during the employees' vacation, the business supervisor, HR, team colleagues, etc. called and chatted many times to make him feel at ease, and said that the supervisor would be responsible for any problems that occurred in the project. At 4 p.m. on September 6, the employee shared a mental health department checklist within the team work group, indicating that he had started taking medication for treatment.

The internal letter also said that at 9 p.m. on September 6, after NetEase learned that the employee had an accident at his residence, the relevant supervisors and colleagues communicated with the family as soon as possible, hoping to see him for the last time, and at the same time started to apply for special assistance funds, special commercial insurance claims and other care payments. At the same time, the company promises to support the education expenses of employees' children until they graduate from college at the age of 11.

Screenshot of NetEase's internal letter

In response to online rumors that the employee "made a work error" and "there was a bug in the code", the internal letter explained that the security department had completed the evaluation of the bug on September 9, and reported to the employee that the bug rating was "light", the trigger probability was extremely low, and the team and supervisor would not be held accountable. From September 1 to 9, the business leader and team colleagues communicated with him many times on this matter, emphasizing that minor and dangerous bugs are a frequent state, and even if they are triggered with a very small probability, the team and supervisors will not be held accountable.

NetEase's internal letter said that after restoration and analysis, the special team has not found any motives and evidence related to the "HR threat". At the same time, however, the company also promises that if there is any evidence in the follow-up investigation to prove that there is a threat situation, the company will deal with the relevant personnel seriously.

NetEase Fuxi said that in the future, in addition to continuing to open long-term and systematic free psychological care consultation services for employees and immediate families, it will also increase investment, regularly organize special activities on mental health, strengthen scientific publicity of mental health prevention and treatment knowledge, and provide more professional help for employees in need. (End)