Amid the issue of increasing the rate of male employees taking childcare leave, companies are encouraging employees who take childcare leave to take childcare leave, such as by providing their own incentives.

Nomura Securities, the largest securities company, has decided to provide its own incentive to all employees who take childcare leave of one month or more from October.

Specifically, we will pay 10% of the amount equivalent to 1 months of basic salary.

According to the company, only 12% of men took childcare leave last fiscal year, and many employees took five days of paid leave due to concerns about a decrease in income and the impact on work.

Motohiro Ueshima, Group Human Resources Manager of Nomura Holdings, said, "Until now, the idea of putting work first and the division of labor between men and women has been deeply rooted within the company, but we thought it was important to take the first step to create an environment where employees can work with enthusiasm.

Daiwa House Group companies have also expanded the system from this fiscal year, providing male employees who have taken childcare leave from 30,100 yen to a maximum of 17 million yen, depending on the period of leave.

According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare last fiscal year, the percentage of male employees working at companies taking childcare leave was <>%, and while improving the rate of taking childcare leave is an issue, there is a growing movement among companies to encourage them to balance work and childcare.