The rotary engine of the automaker "Mazda" will be revived for the first time in 11 years. It will be installed in plug-in hybrid vehicles for power generation that runs the motor, and sales will begin in Japan.

Mazda will begin selling plug-in hybrid vehicles equipped with rotary engines in Japan.

All cars run on motors, and engines are used to generate electricity.

Unlike ordinary engines in which pistons reciprocate, rotary engines are characterized by a triangular rotor that rotates, and although they are small, they have high output, and this company was the first in the world to succeed in practical use.

However, it was less fuel efficient than a normal engine, so it had discontinued production of the car it installed 11 years ago, in 2012.

This time, when it was installed as an engine for power generation, we took advantage of the characteristics of good fuel efficiency at a certain high speed of rotation and promoted weight reduction.

We have already started accepting reservations in the European market, and in Japan country, we will start pre-orders on the 14th.

The company has a policy of making all vehicles produced by 2030 hybrid or electric vehicles, and Mazda CSO Takeji Kojima = Chief Strategy Officer said, "We are in a transition period toward electrification, so it is important to prepare various options. I'm talking.