Tianjin, 9 Sep (ZXS) -- Xie Xiaowen, deputy general manager of Changhe Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (hereinafter referred to as Aviation Industry), told reporters in Tianjin on 14 September that at present, the large-scale multi-purpose civil helicopter AC13A independently developed by China has been transferred to the plateau area, opening a plateau test flight in the Yunnan-Guichuan area, and a cold test flight will be carried out at the end of this year.

On the same day, the aviation industry held the "Great Power Pillars and Pillars Strive for a New Journey" state-owned enterprise open day at the Aviation Industry Helicopter Design and Research Institute in Tianjin. Xie Xiaowen made the above remarks in response to reporters' questions.

Xie Xiaowen pointed out that in the field of aviation emergency rescue, AC313A aims at the weak links in China's current aviation emergency rescue equipment when developing, and customizes the design for the use needs of different users, which can quickly install intelligent life support all-in-one machine, fire bucket, rescue electric winch, emergency floating system and other operational task equipment, while taking into account the requirements of high plateau, plateau and offshore operations, which can meet the all-weather multi-purpose needs of the whole territory of China. It will effectively improve the aviation emergency rescue capacity and high-quality supply capacity of domestic large civil helicopters, and better support the construction of China's aviation emergency rescue system.

AC313A is a 13-ton, single-rotor, large multi-purpose domestic civil helicopter with tail rotor, with a maximum overhead weight of 13.8 tons, a sprinkler capacity of 5 tons, and can transport 28 passengers. On the basis of AC313 helicopter, this type of aircraft adopts a wide-body fuselage, replaces a new engine, improves the power of the transmission system, upgrades avionics, electromechanical, flight control, control and other systems, and installs health monitoring systems, rotor anti-icing and other equipment, and the performance, life and maintainability of the whole aircraft have been significantly improved.

Xie Xiaowen said that at present, the AC313A helicopter's scientific research and flight test nodes are progressing in an orderly manner. According to the plan, the AC313A helicopter will complete the airworthiness certificate and deliver it to the user during the "<>th Five-Year Plan" period. (End)