Changchun, September 9 (ZXS) -- Huang Libin, director of the Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, said in Changchun, Jilin on the 14th that at present, China's hydrogen energy "production, storage, transportation and use" industrial chain has initially formed, has a good base and large-scale application market, and the hydrogen energy industry has shown a gradual commercialization development trend.

On the same day, the first hydrogen energy industry high-quality development forum of "Hydrogen Motion Jilin" was held in Changchun. More than 200 representatives from China's hydrogen energy industry attended the meeting to jointly explore new technologies and models for hydrogen energy development and utilization, share new opportunities and achievements in hydrogen energy industry, and look forward to the new future of new cooperation in hydrogen energy industry development.

China is the world's largest hydrogen producer, with an annual hydrogen production of about 3300 million tons, of which about 1200 million tons meet industrial hydrogen quality standards. The world's largest installed capacity of renewable energy, it has great potential in clean and low-carbon hydrogen energy supply.

Huang Libin pointed out that hydrogen energy is an important part of the future national energy system, and the next step will be to actively promote the orderly development of the hydrogen energy industry chain, improve the level of diversified utilization of hydrogen energy, focus on promoting a number of advanced technologies such as hydrogen energy applications, expand the alternative application of green hydrogen in key energy-using industries such as steel, continue to promote the demonstration and application of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and promote the improvement of hydrogen energy policy and standard systems.

Peng Suping, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the high cost of hydrogen energy liquefaction and other problems limit the long-distance transportation of hydrogen energy, and the world is entering the "hydrogen 2.0" era, and the hydrogen energy industry is developing in the direction of "pan-hydrogen" energy such as green ammonia and green methanol. As a major producer of synthetic ammonia, China is actively making efforts in green ammonia production and ammonia energy utilization.

Peng Suping believes that the development of hydrogen energy should be guided by application scenarios and develop the hydrogen energy industry according to local conditions. He pointed out that hydrogen-electric coupling can absorb renewable energy, hydrogen energy coupling coal chemical industry and petrochemical industry is an important way to deeply decarbonize the chemical industry, and the application of hydrogen fuel cells in heavy trucks, ships and other fields has shown broad prospects.

Lv Haiqiang, deputy secretary-general of the People's Government of Jilin Province, introduced that the province has launched the "Hydrogen Motion Jilin" action to promote the implementation of large-scale hydrogen production from wind and solar consumption, large-scale hydrogen use in the industrial field, multi-application ecological construction, efficient and convenient hydrogen energy storage and transportation in transportation, hydrogen-based chemical industry, equipment manufacturing, energy and other fields.

Lv Haiqiang introduced that by 2035, the province's annual production capacity of clean energy hydrogen production will reach 120.150 million tons to 7.400 million tons, the operation of hydrogen battery vehicles will reach 1000,<> vehicles, more than <> hydrogen refueling stations, and the output value of the province's hydrogen energy industry will exceed <> billion yuan. (End)