Fuzhou, September 9 (Zhengjiangluo) On the 13th, the 13 National Cyber Security Publicity Week Telecom Day with the theme of "Information and Communication Industry Escorting the High-quality Development of New Industrialization" was held in Fuzhou City.

It is reported that the Telecom Day activities are composed of four parts: theme forum, theme exhibition, online prize competition, and public welfare SMS. The theme of the Telecom Day Forum is "Building a Solid Cyber Security Barrier and Escorting New Industrialization".

Du Guangda, deputy director of the Cybersecurity Management Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out in his speech that the Cybersecurity Management Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will organize the information and communication industry to firmly establish a correct concept of network security, coordinate development and security, unite efforts, overcome difficulties, comprehensively improve network security assurance capabilities, escort the high-quality development of new industrialization, and fully promote the construction of a manufacturing power and a network power.

Huang Zihe, director of Fujian Communications Administration, stressed in his speech that Fujian's information and communication industry adheres to the new security pattern to ensure the new development pattern and actively builds a network security guarantee system.

In the theme forum, 9 industry experts, scholars and enterprise representatives closely followed the hot topics in the field of new industrialization, discussed the development situation and cutting-edge technologies in depth, and shared practical experience.

Li Qianmu, professor of Nanjing University of Science and Technology and director of Jiangsu Industrial Internet Standards Committee, introduced the automatic generation mechanism of attack load path in view of the technical challenges faced by the industrial Internet, taking into account the system complexity, scene diversity and information cross-linkage of the industrial Internet, and proposed the protection ideas of model security such as visualization, quantification and proof of industrial intelligent models.

He called for further breakthroughs in the hidden layer interpretation of model knowledge, build an intelligent model evaluation system that meets security, generalization and consistency, and promote the cross-generational development of industrial Internet security technology.

The launching ceremony of the 5th Fujian Province Network Security Professional Skills Competition. Photo courtesy of the organizer

At the theme forum, the launching ceremony of the 2023th Fujian Province Cybersecurity Professional Skills Competition and the <> National Telecommunications and Internet Industry Vocational Skills Competition Fujian Division Selection Competition was held.

The theme forum officially released three latest industry development achievements: Fujian Information and Communication Industry Privacy Computing Platform, "Cybersecurity Industry Talent Development Report (2023 Edition)", and "Yuan Trust" cybersecurity insurance innovative products, showing the latest achievements of the information and communication industry in escorting new industrialization and digital China construction from multiple angles. (End)