The traditional motor show has opened in Detroit, USA, and while the government is supporting the purchase of EVs = electric vehicles with tax incentives, each company is focusing on exhibiting EVs that are selling well.

More than 13 brands exhibited at the North American International Auto Show, a traditional motor show that opened on the 30th in Detroit, Michigan, a Midwestern state known for its automotive industry.

This year, EV exhibits were prominent, and major American manufacturers GM = General Motors and Ford exhibited EVs that are popular in the local area, such as pickup trucks and SUVs = multipurpose sports vehicles.

Among Japan automakers, Toyota Motor Corporation is exhibiting its SUV EV.

According to JETRO = Japan Trade Organization's New York Office, EVs accounted for 4.6% of new car sales in the three months from April to June, exceeding the 3.7% of last year's sales.

Sales are also supported by government tax incentives that allow people who purchase EVs that meet certain conditions, such as those that are finally assembled in North America, to receive a tax credit of up to $3,1 and about 5.8 million yen in Japan yen.

In the suburbs of Detroit, an exhibition on batteries, which are indispensable for EVs, was held from the 7500th, and more than 110 companies related to batteries exhibited and are booming, and the impact of the electrification of cars is spreading to related industries.