IAA2023 Munich International Motor Show, held from 5 to 10 local time, will be held for six days, and leading industry representatives from micromobility, bicycle, automotive, suppliers and technology will focus on the latest automotive technology, intelligent mobility solutions and more. It is worth noting that the number of Chinese exhibitors has more than doubled compared to the previous year, making it the country with the largest number of exhibitors outside the host country, Germany. How do you view the collective overseas expansion of Chinese car companies? In the home turf of European auto giants, how are Chinese car companies performing?

Chinese automakers entered the European market at the IAA2023 Munich International Motor Show

At the Munich Motor Show, known as the "Olympic Games" of the world automobile industry, when the booth of Chinese brand new energy vehicles was full of audiences, how is the role of Chinese car companies changing at this auto show? China's new energy vehicles, from technology, design, service, price... What are the advantages of China's new energy vehicles?

Reporter: Observation丨How does the German media evaluate Chinese exhibitors?

Yu Peng, reporter of the main station: German counterparts first affirm the strength of China's electric vehicles. At this exhibition, China's passenger car brands were among the largest, with one-third of the 22 passenger car brands coming from China. The German media gave a lot of positive comments when reporting, such as "shine", Chinese car companies have become the protagonists of the auto show, and Chinese car companies are becoming more and more confident; Wait a minute. There are also reports that Germany exported cars to China before, which is very popular in China, but now this business model has begun to reverse, many Chinese cars have the same driving performance as German cars, and have advanced assistance systems, as well as user-friendly interfaces, rich entertainment functions; Wait a minute. In terms of technology, Chinese brands are also taking their own innovation path, for example, China's fast charging technology of power batteries has been at the forefront of the world, and some brands are solving consumers' battery anxiety and mileage anxiety by changing power. It can be said that in the field of electric vehicles, Chinese cars think more and go further than German cars.

Reporter observation丨German consumers, do they recognize Chinese electric vehicles?

Yu Peng, reporter of the main station: Four years ago, when I came to Germany, I could hardly see Chinese electric car brands, but now as long as we go out, whether they are mid-range or high-end, we will definitely find that there are many Chinese car brands appearing on the streets of Germany. We also interviewed many owners who bought Chinese electric vehicles for a number of reasons, including finding that Chinese electric vehicles will have a longer range and lower prices for the same quality. Among many high-end price points of Chinese electric vehicles, these owners pursue flexible and personalized services, and also want car software and higher intelligence, which are important reasons why they choose Chinese electric vehicles. In general, the recognition of Chinese brands by Germans is increasing.

Global electric vehicle industry, you catch up!

So far this year, 8% of new electric vehicles sold in the European market are produced by Chinese brands, up from 6% last year and 2021% in 4. Behind the market share is the transformation of European consumers from unfamiliarity to acceptance of Chinese new energy vehicle brands. What is the competitiveness of Chinese brand cars? How are German car companies speeding up on this track? Click on the video to find out together!

How do you think of Chinese car companies going overseas and appearing at the Munich Motor Show?

Xu Haidong, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers: This time, the collective appearance of Chinese automakers at the Munich Motor Show, I personally think this is a "highlight moment". These companies did not simply make an appearance, but brought their products for the European market, which are real products that can be sold in Europe. Through the exhibition display, the appearance, performance, and internal including intelligent cockpit, intelligent network connection related configuration, etc., as well as some of our technical standards, are shown to the German audience, so that everyone can truly feel the product competitiveness of Chinese automobiles, and can truly feel the development of our Chinese automobile industry. Therefore, I think that the collective appearance of Chinese car companies this time is an important moment to be able to enter the European market with confidence and participate in the development of the European market, which is very memorable.

70 Chinese exhibitors, let the world see China's overall strength

Host Dong Qian: In addition to car companies, there are many Chinese parts suppliers and technical solution manufacturers participating in the auto show, and I feel that the entire industrial chain of China's new energy vehicles has collectively "gone to sea".

Xu Haidong, deputy chief engineer of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers: The automobile industry itself is an industrial chain, from upstream materials, manufacturing processes, to final quality control, as well as the scientific and technological content of the entire product process, the level of the entire supply chain. This time, 70 Chinese companies, not only vehicle enterprises, but also leading enterprises in various supply chain fields such as three electric and charging technologies, intelligent automotive electronics and software, etc., jointly "went to sea" and exhibited our technology as exhibitors at the exhibition in Munich. This also fully reflects the strength of China's entire industry, the level of technological research and development of the industrial chain, or the ability of technological innovation has been improved, which will continue to better support the development of China's automotive industry.

What are the advantages of Chinese cars entering the European market?

Xu Haidong, deputy chief engineer of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers: After 40 years of reform and opening up, China's automobile industry can be said to have achieved a certain leading position in the field of new energy in the past three years through "changing lanes and overtaking". It should be said that the level of the entire Chinese automobile industry has been greatly improved, and it is even leading in new energy intelligent networking. Thanks to the hard work of Chinese automakers in the past 3 years, and the efforts of the entire industry, especially the new energy vehicle industry, with the support of national policies, new energy vehicles can continue to iterate and improve. Our entire supply chain enterprises from batteries, motors, electronic control, are constantly developing with the development of the industry, coupled with our continuous innovation, continuous learning, digestion, investment, so that the entire Chinese automobile industry into a level similar to the world, and even in some fields have a lead, it should be said that for the future development of China's automobile industry, a relatively bright road.

China's new energy vehicle industry, what is the confidence to lead?

Xu Haidong, deputy chief engineer of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers: Why has China's auto industry been able to rise in the past two or three years? The main reasons we have carefully analyzed include: our forward design capabilities, our manufacturing capabilities, our supply chain capabilities, our ability to understand and feel consumers, it should be said that these capabilities, Chinese car companies have mastered, and already have, these capabilities will support Chinese car companies to maintain a leading position in a certain period of time, or to enable us to compete with these leading companies in the global automotive market to ensure sustainable development. (CCTV News Client)