China News Network, September 9 (Zhongxin Finance Zuo Yuqing) The first cup of Maotai for young people and the first cup of coffee for middle-aged and elderly people can now be achieved with 6 yuan.

On September 9, Luckin Coffee co-branded Kweichow Moutai to launch "Sauce Latte", with a retail price of 4 yuan / cup and an activity price of 38 yuan / cup, and a number of related topics rushed to Weibo hot search. According to the data released by Luckin Coffee's official Weibo on the 19th, the sales of "sauce latte" exceeded 5.542 million cups on the first day, and the sales of single products exceeded 1 million yuan on the first day.

On the morning of the 5th, there were still many stores with "sauce latte" showing "sold out".

However, while many people lament that the "sauce latte" has achieved the freedom of Moutai, some people have also questioned: Is the so-called "fine wine and coffee" "technology and ruthlessness"? How much is the "Mao content" of "sauce latte"? How long will this coffee last?

Questioned "technology and ruthlessness" Luckin refuted rumors

Moutai's iconic red and white color scheme and 53-degree logo appear on the coffee tote bag, which may have a sense of absurdity, but it does detonate the circle of friends. Many Luckin stores were sold out on the day they went on sale, and even had to temporarily close stores to catch up with the co-branded coffee ordered, and cup sleeves, paper bags, stickers and other related peripherals were also resold on second-hand platforms.

However, at the same time that the "sauce latte" was out of the circle, controversy about the "content" of coffee also followed. Since Luckin Coffee claims that the "sauce latte" uses baijiu-flavored thick milk (containing 53% vol Kweichow Moutai), some consumers question whether the thick milk really contains Kweichow Moutai.

The ingredient list of the thick milk provided by netizens to the media shows that it includes 17 ingredients such as raw milk, condensed milk, cream, white sugar, anhydrous cream, milk powder, hydrogenated coconut oil, etc., of which liquor ranks 10th.

Is it real Moutai or "technology and ruthlessness"?

Luckin Coffee simply released a video of the production site of the raw materials of "sauce latte". The video shows boxes of 53% vol Kweichow Moutai wine being sent to the production workshop, opened on site and filled for production.

On the evening of the 4th, Luckin Coffee announced a video of the production site of the raw materials of "sauce latte".

How much is the "Mao content"?

Although the video released by Luckin shows that the "sauce latte" does contain Kweichow Moutai, how much is the "sauce latte" with an alcohol content of less than 0.5% vol?

A salesperson of Cezanne Dairy told the media that the specific content of Moutai wine in baijiu-flavored thick milk should not be disclosed because of secrets. Another Luckin clerk told the media that the alcohol concentration of "sauce latte" is between 0.2 degrees and 0.3 degrees.

Referring to the data disclosed by Luckin, based on the standard rough calculation of a cup of coffee with a capacity of 480 ml, the content of 53% vol Kweichow Moutai in a cup of coffee is about 1.81-2.72ml, and a 500ml bottle of 53% vol Kweichow Moutai can make about 200 cups of "sauce latte".

Zhongxin Finance noticed that on social platforms, some netizens said that the sauce aroma of coffee was "very strong". However, less than 3ml of Moutai wine, can a cup of coffee be filled with Moutai aroma?

Cai Xuefei, a wine analyst and general manager of Zhiqu Consulting, said that according to the data, the ingredient list contains thick milk containing Moutai liquor, and this raw material with obvious Moutai sauce flavor should be the main source of the aroma of the product's wine. "Of course, this must be after many preparations and attempts to form the current taste style, whether it is palatable or not, I think it is still necessary to respect the different taste differences of consumers."

Some experts told the media that relying solely on Moutai containing about 1.8-2.7ml per glass, it is difficult for the "sauce latte" to make the taste of Moutai strongly manifest in coffee. Based on his expertise, the expert guessed that most of the Moutai flavor in the "sauce latte" probably came from flavor.

How long does "sauce latte" last?

After two days of revelry, the popularity of "sauce latte" gradually decreased. At about 5 p.m. on the 10th, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room of Luckin Coffee was only more than 7000,4, and at the same time on the evening of the 3th, the number of viewers reached more than <>,<>.

At about 5 p.m. on the 10th, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room of Luckin Coffee was only more than 7000,4, and at the same time on the evening of the 3th, the number of viewers reached more than <>,<>.

So, how long does the "sauce latte" last? And how long can it be hot?

Xiao Zhuqing, an expert in the liquor industry, revealed that Moutai and Luckin have been in contact for a long time, and Moutai is led by a joint stock company and is a permanent product that will continue to be launched. Moutai is also optimistic about the market sales expectations of this product.

Zhongxin Finance noticed that on social platforms, the evaluations of netizens are more divided. Some people think that there is indeed the sauce aroma of baijiu, some people say that "it tastes like red curd", and some people think that "it is full of a hangover last night and I have to go to work this morning, I ordered a cup of coffee to forcibly refresh myself, but every sip of alcohol reflects the faint smell of baijiu last night".

"This taste is still not used to drinking." Xiao Cen (pseudonym), a "post-90s generation" who bought the "sauce latte" on the day of the sale, told Zhongxin Finance that although he was willing to try the first cup of "sauce latte", it was difficult to drink the second cup.

How far will Moutai go?

From 39 yuan Moutai ice cream to 19 yuan "sauce latte", under the new trend of young, personalized and fashionable consumption, Kweichow Moutai has gone further and further on the road of crossover. This also reflects the problem faced by traditional liquor companies: how to cultivate a new generation of consumer groups at a time when young people are becoming more and more "uncold" to wine culture?

Consumers line up to buy a joint "sauce latte". Screenshot from the official website of Kweichow Moutai Group.

According to reports, at this year's Moutai ice cream first anniversary celebration, Ding Xiongjun, chairman of Moutai Group, said that Kweichow Moutai will increase the research and development of wine-based chocolate, alcoholic beverages, sticks, soft ice and other products, and establish a product matrix of different types, different prices, and distinctive characteristics.

While exploring diversified consumption scenarios, Moutai's cross-border marketing positioning is also sinking. This summer, the new Moutai ice cream product "Xiaozhi" with a lower price was launched; Coffee, which is consumed more frequently among young people, has undoubtedly become one of Moutai's goals.

Cai Xuefei believes that cross-border can use Moutai's strong brand premium and endorsement role to enhance brand value, empower related industries and products, enhance the influence of related brands and product competitiveness, from this point of view, Moutai is very likely to base on the needs of young consumer groups, further expand sales categories, cooperate with social high-quality brands, integrate project resources including food, entertainment, tourism and other projects, to achieve the goal of continuously activating brand value, promoting brand upgrading, and achieving enterprise diversification.

Some insiders believe that compared with the actual taste of co-branded coffee, the topicality and the incremental customers that may be brought are the ultimate goals of the brand. (End)