According to the website of the China Consumer Association, the China Consumers Association issued a consumption reminder on the 8th, saying that on August 25, the Japanese government ignored the strong doubts and opposition of the international community and unilaterally forcibly launched the discharge of Fukushima nuclear contaminated water into the sea, which seriously violated the rights and interests of Chinese consumers.

On August 8, in order to protect the health of Chinese consumers, the General Administration of Customs issued the Announcement on the Comprehensive Suspension of the Import of Japanese Aquatic Products, deciding to completely suspend the import of aquatic products (including edible aquatic animals) originating from Japan from August 24, 2023 (inclusive). On August 8, the State Administration for Market Regulation said that it will strengthen the supervision of aquatic product food safety and salt prices, urge food producers and traders to strictly abide by food safety laws and regulations and relevant provisions on imported food, strengthen the sampling and monitoring of food safety of imported aquatic products sold on the market, and strictly investigate and deal with relevant illegal acts in accordance with the law. In this regard, the China Consumers Association urges food producers and traders to strictly abide by the relevant regulations of relevant departments and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

The China Consumers Association reminds consumers to pay attention to the authoritative release of relevant state departments, especially pay attention to overseas purchasing and other channels to ensure catering safety; At the same time, we must also remain rational, do not be anxious and panic, do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, and do not blindly follow the trend to rush to buy salt and other consumer goods.

The China Consumers Association will continue to pay close attention to this incident, strengthen social supervision, and resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese consumers.