Datong, August 8 (Zhongxin News Agency) (Reporter Hu Jian) The "24 Artificial Intelligence Basic Data Service Industry Development White Paper" (hereinafter referred to as the "White Paper") was released in Datong, Shanxi Province on the 2023th. The White Paper points out that in 24, the market size of the basic data service industry of Chinese intelligence will be 2022.45 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), and it is expected to reach 53.5 billion yuan this year.

On the same day, the second Yungang Digital New Infrastructure Development Forum of Jinyang Lake Digital Economy Development Summit was held in Datong, Shanxi, and Li Li, deputy director of the China National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, interpreted the content of the white paper.

In 2023, the large model technology represented by ChatGPT will be implemented one after another, which will effectively promote the breakthrough and application of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, and open up new ideas for the development of the digital economy. As an important foundation for the development of large models, data has ushered in new opportunities.

The White Paper drafted by the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center of China is divided into five parts, which are the background, current situation, environment, trends and suggestions for the development of artificial intelligence basic data service industry.

The White Paper points out that in the upstream of the industry chain, the application and supply of artificial intelligence technology are concentrated, and Internet technology companies and professional data service providers are the main providers of key technical tools and talent resources for open source data. In the middle of the industry chain, there is a competitive situation of hundreds of schools of thought, and the homogenization competition of small and medium-sized data suppliers is fierce. In the downstream of the industrial chain, demand scenarios continue to expand, and refined service requirements are further improved.

According to the analysis of the white paper, autonomous driving is the most important application scenario of artificial intelligence basic data services. According to Deloitte China, in 2022, autonomous driving scenario data services accounted for 38% of the market share, making it the largest data service scenario. From 2022 to 2027, autonomous driving will always be the most important application scenario area for AI basic data services, followed by smart industry scenarios.

With the rapid development of the artificial intelligence big data service industry, challenges such as insufficient talent training, urgent need to improve the standard system, and prominent data security risks have also surfaced. In this regard, the white paper recommends that the construction of high-quality datasets should be accelerated; R&D data service quality evaluation criteria; Strengthen technology research and development, and give full play to the advantages of intensive automated data service tools; Improve the supply of professional talents and drive the transformation and upgrading of labor-intensive business formats; Increase industry security supervision and optimize the security environment of data services; Improve public basic services and improve the industrial support system. (End)