Hot comment丨Express monthly breaking 10 billion pieces has become the norm, what new information is revealed?

"Many people do not have a house number at their door, and it is inconvenient to receive express delivery. Sometimes, they just put my name in the recipient column. This is the story of Tan Shiwang, a courier in Shitai County, Anhui Province. Run 8 townships and 200 kilometers a day, with an average delivery of about 300 orders... This villager "recipient" used his hard work to open up the "last mile" of express delivery into the village.

Every extension of service tentacles, each steady arrival, is committed to running steady growth. 703.7 billion pieces, which is the cumulative figure of the national express delivery business volume in the first seven months, steadily achieving a monthly average of "tens of billions", a year-on-year increase of 15.5%. This also means that the country has received an average of nearly 50 express deliveries per person this year.

Previously, a high-frequency word to describe the express delivery industry was "new high", and looking at the growth of express delivery business in recent years, it will be found that after the express delivery business volume entered the "2021 billion piece era" in 2022, the express delivery business volume completed 1105.8 billion pieces in <>. Express delivery has become a "necessity" in our lives.

In 2023, "tens of billions of pieces per month, a net increase of 10 billion pieces year-on-year" has become the norm, why does the express delivery industry run such new characteristics and what are the reasons for growth?

"Seasonal fluctuations are ironed out, the monthly distribution of business volume is more balanced, and the off-season is not light." Liu Jiang, director of the Strategic Planning Research Department of the Development Research Center of the State Post Bureau, told Hot Commentary. The growth rate of industry operation is stable and the increment is considerable, the main reasons can be seen in these keywords: supply, demand, and new momentum.

Look at the trend from both ends of supply and demand. The supply capacity of the industry has been improved, major express delivery enterprises have increased infrastructure construction, a number of regional postal express hubs and industrial parks have been put into use, and the application of automated sorting equipment has been promoted to fourth- and fifth-tier cities; Market demand continues to be released. Online shopping remains the main source of growth for the industry. From January to July, the national online retail sales of physical goods increased by 1% year-on-year, and the contribution rate of live e-commerce to the growth of express delivery increased significantly, and the express delivery business generated accounted for more than 7% of the total express delivery.

Look at the growth from the new momentum. The growth rate of rural express delivery, factory express delivery and cross-border express delivery business is higher than the overall growth rate of the industry, becoming the highlight of the industry's growth. "There is often a courier distance between a good product and a consumer." Indeed, express delivery "into the village, into the factory and out to the sea" is running out of a larger market space and running out of the rhythm of shifting gears and upgrading.

"Into the village", the growth rate of rural express delivery business this year is more than 10 percentage points higher than the growth rate of urban areas, Guangdong lychee, Yunnan cabbage, Shandong peony... When consumer goods are brought in and agricultural products are shipped out, farmers' pockets can bulge more. "Entering the factory", upstairs production, downstairs delivery, which has made breakthroughs in many fields such as automobiles, electronics, medicine, clothing and FMCG, and its service capabilities have continued to increase. A noteworthy data is that the volume of international/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan express delivery business reached 7 million pieces in July, a record high.

Connecting thousands of households, connecting thousands of cities and industries, more than 400 million express brothers shuttling through the streets and alleys every day, it is expected that the annual express delivery business volume this year will exceed 1200 billion, and the growth rate will exceed 10%. Express delivery "not much" has become an important indicator of economic "hot or not", in the journey across mountains and seas, in the upward leaping numbers, feel the strong resilience and potential of China's economy.

(Wen 丨 Tao Lang)