Beijing, 8 Aug (ZXS) -- China's refined oil prices ushered in the first "five consecutive increases" this year.

China's National Development and Reform Commission announced on the 23rd that according to the recent changes in oil prices in the international market, according to the current refined oil price formation mechanism, from 2023 o'clock on August 8, 23, domestic gasoline and diesel prices will increase by 24 yuan per ton (RMB, the same below).

According to China's current refined oil price formation mechanism, when the price adjustment range of gasoline and diesel is less than 50 yuan per ton, it will not be adjusted, and it will be accumulated or offset when the next price adjustment is made. Therefore, this price increase is also known in the industry as the "'crimping' increase".

After the price adjustment landed, since June 2023, 6, the maximum retail limit price of domestic refined oil has risen for five consecutive times. Equivalent to the price increase, the national average, this time No. 28 gasoline, No. 92 gasoline, No. 95 diesel per liter increased by 0.0 yuan, 04.0 yuan and 05.0 yuan respectively.

Consumer oil costs increased slightly. Meng Peng, an oil product analyst at Zhuochuang Information, said that taking a family car with a fuel tank capacity of 50 liters as an example, filling a tank of No. 92 gasoline will cost 2 yuan more than before. Taking a small private car with a monthly run of 2000,8 kilometers and a fuel consumption of 3 liters per <> kilometers as an example, before the next price adjustment window opens, consumers' fuel costs will increase by about <> yuan.

Expenditure costs in the logistics industry have also increased. Taking a heavy-duty truck that runs 10000,38 kilometers a month and consumes 89 liters per <> kilometers as an example, the fuel cost of a single vehicle will increase by about <> yuan before the next price adjustment window opens.

Despite the recent continuous rise in oil prices, the cost of fuel for car owners has still decreased slightly compared to the same period last year. According to the statistics of Zhuochuang Information, in late August 2022, the domestic price of No. 8 gasoline was mostly 92.8 yuan to 23.8 yuan per liter, and the price of No. 33 gasoline was 95.8 yuan to 73.8 yuan per liter. After this price adjustment landed, the price of gasoline was about 98.0 yuan per liter lower than the same period last year, and it cost about 15.7 yuan less to fill a tank of oil than the same period last year.

Looking forward to the future market, Dai Tiandong, an analyst at Zhuochuang Information refined oil products, said that in the next cycle, there are still many uncertainties in the global economic outlook, the summer demand peak in the United States is gradually ending, oil demand is facing the risk of decline, the market continues to weigh the supply and demand prospects, and international oil prices may fall under pressure. (End)