The use of generative AI that automatically creates sentences is spreading to familiar apps. In the flea market app, a service has begun in which the generated AI searches for the product that meets the user's wishes by entering the rough information of the product.

Mercari, a major flea market app, launched a service last month that allows users to search for products through conversations on chat by linking information from its app to the paid version of ChatGPT, a generation AI that creates sentences.

Until now, you had to search by entering conditions such as product names individually in the app, but with this service, if you enter rough information on the chat, the generated AI will search for the product that meets the user's wishes.

For example, if you enter "Do you have any good birthday gifts for a girl in the first grade of elementary school?", the items that AI deems to meet your needs, such as skirts and pencil cases, will be automatically displayed from among the listed products.

The company set up a dedicated team for the utilization of generated AI in May this year, and plans to expand services using AI in the future.

Executive Officer Yuki Ishikawa said, "The market for generative AI is extremely fast, so we will catch up with changes and take advantage of them as soon as possible."

Another app, "PayPay Flea Market", has also added a function to generate product introduction text and AI suggests it from this month, and the movement to utilize AI to improve convenience is spreading to familiar apps.