The former supermarket giant Carrefour has only two stores in operation in Beijing. On August 8, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily learned during a visit that Carrefour's Beijing Tiantongyuan store was temporarily closed, and a sign "line maintenance, suspension of business" was posted at the door. Entrances to supermarkets are closed, and consumers are temporarily unable to enter the stores.

For the suspension of store business, the relevant person in charge of Beijing Carrefour said that the store equipment maintenance, there is no clear specific resumption of business hours, "should resume business soon." In addition, the Beijing Business Daily reporter contacted Longde Plaza, the property where Carrefour's Beijing Tiantongyuan store is located, and the relevant person in charge said, "Carrefour Beijing company informed us that the supermarket line maintenance and suspension of business, we do not know the recovery time."

This also means that before Carrefour Beijing Tiantongyuan store resumed business, there were only two Carrefour supermarkets in operation in Beijing, namely Shuangjing store and Siyuanqiao store. In April, Carrefour had 4 stores in Beijing.

At the same time, the Beijing Business Daily reporter visited Carrefour Shuangjing store and Siyuanqiao store respectively, most of the shelves in the store were vacant, and a few goods were placed on the shelves cluttered, and the goods could not accurately correspond to the name tags and price tags. Some of the personal care products sold in the store have a production date of 2021.

The staff in the Carrefour Siyuanqiao store said that the company did not notify the supermarket to close its stores and would remain open, and the replenishment of goods in the store in the future is not clear. In contrast, in 2015, Carrefour Siyuanqiao store was the largest Carrefour store in Asia, and the overall number of merchants in the project reached about 80, covering fashion, children, catering and other formats, almost fully rented. At the same time, Carrefour Siyuanqiao store is adjacent to IKEA, and many consumers will choose to go to Siyuanqiao shopping center to eat and shop after visiting IKEA.

It is worth noting that the opening hours of the two Carrefour supermarkets in operation in Beijing have been adjusted from 9:30 to 21 o'clock to 10 a.m. to 18 p.m., shortening the operating hours of the whole day by nearly one-third.

Carrefour's "days" are getting more and more difficult. Some employees who were dismissed by Carrefour broke the news on social platforms that after working in Carrefour China for nearly 20 years, after being dismissed this year, according to the N+1 compensation measures, they will receive 20,19 yuan in compensation, and Carrefour is only willing to pay nearly 12,<> yuan and cannot pay it in one lump sum, and will be paid in installments of <> months. Even if paid in installments, the employee has not received any compensation since the agreement was signed.

In July this year, released the 7 half-year performance forecast, which mentioned that Carrefour China's total net loss of 2023 million to 9.5 billion yuan was caused by the one-time compensation and other expenses and the impairment of goodwill and long-term assets in the first half of the year. Based on the rapid adjustment of Carrefour's China business in the first half of the year, the profit loss of operating business in the second half of the year will continue to narrow rapidly.

At the same time, also mentioned in the performance forecast that the company promoted the implementation of the established Carrefour China business slimming adjustment plan, focused on the core advantage cities in the first half of the year to carry out store operations, accelerated the store closure adjustment, especially in the second quarter of the process accelerated, resulting in a sharp decline in sales revenue year-on-year. Beijing Business Daily reporter Wang Weiyi