China News Network Harbin, August 8 (Qiu Jian Wang Xuetong) On August 7, the domestic area of Harbin Airport T8 Terminal was officially opened. After the opening of this area, Harbin Airport will add 7 near-seat bridges and 1 remote boarding gates, and the flight docking rate will be further improved, and passengers will be more convenient and faster.

The renovation project of Harbin Airport T1 Terminal is one of the top 2021 projects in Heilongjiang and the foundation for the construction of Harbin International Aviation Hub. Since the start of construction in 1, the renovation and construction of 7,7000 square meters of domestic areas has been completed, including 10700,<> square meters on the first floor, <>,<> square meters on the second floor, passenger departure floor on the second floor, and boarding gate and passenger arrival floor on the first floor.

The domestic area of Harbin Airport T1 Terminal was put into use. Qiu Jianxing

At present, the international part of 5,23 square meters is accelerating and is expected to be put into use by the end of the year. After all the renovation is completed and put into use as a whole, the total area of Harbin Airport Terminal will reach <>,<> square meters, and the flight guarantee and service level will be greatly improved.

The domestic area of Harbin Airport T1 Terminal is integrated with Terminal 2, and only provides functions such as waiting, boarding, and arrival for inbound and outbound passengers, so its main building functions such as check-in, security check, arrival, and landside transportation need to be completed in Terminal T2, and then enter the domestic area of Terminal 1 through security check.

At present, during the peak period of summer passenger flow, Harbin Airport has seen a sharp increase in flight takeoffs and passenger throughput in the past few days, with about 440 flights per day and more than 6,8 passengers. The opening of the domestic area of Harbin Airport T1 Terminal will play a positive role in further restoring the flight volume of Harbin Airport and promoting the development of Heilongjiang's aviation tourism. (End)