China News Network, August 8 (Zhongxin Financial Reporter Xie Yiguan) On August 4, the China Consumer Association released a hot spot on consumer rights protection in the first half of 8.

According to the China Consumer Association, consumer rights protection issues involved in many cases, such as "difficulty in refunding tickets" for offline performances, infringement disputes over hotel and homestay renewal, hidden dangers of food safety problems of well-known catering brands, poor service experience of video platform members, infringement "traps" of study tours, restrictions on consumption of Carrefour shopping cards in supermarkets, zero clearance of airline mileage points, "good borrowing and difficult return" of shared charging treasures, food safety problems exposed to Internet celebrity bamboo tube milk tea, and forced shopping by low-priced tour groups.

On the issue of "difficulty in refunding" tickets for offline performances, the China Consumer Association mentioned that in the first half of the year, many consumers reported that they encountered problems such as "difficulty in refunding" in the process of offline performance consumption. Consumers complained that the change and refund measures of well-known ticketing platforms such as and Fun Island were unreasonable, and topics such as "why are concerts making ticket refunds" once appeared on the hot search list of social platforms.

Some public opinion questioned that at present, some organizers and ticketing platforms have adopted measures such as the real-name system in order to combat "scalpers", but have not matched and improved after-sales service, passing business risks and costs to consumers, which is contrary to the original intention of protecting consumer rights and interests.

In addition, in the relevant disputes, some ticketing platforms responded with the statement that "the cultural services carried behind the tickets are timely, scarce and so on, and once refunded, it will affect secondary sales", but this has not been recognized by the public.

During this year's short and summer vacations, infringement issues in the consumption of study tours have also attracted attention. "Parents exposed their children's participation in study tours and were scolded by instructors", "Some study trips did not study", "10,000 yuan Qingbei research became a photo at the school gate" and other events frequently appeared on the Internet hot search list.

The China Consumer Association pointed out that in such incidents, families have long hoped that their children can expand their horizons and improve their literacy through entertaining study tours, and do not hesitate to pay high fees to sign up for various "study camps" for their children, but they have encountered problems such as wrong goods, formalities, and inflated prices, and some research projects have even been found to have problems such as inadequate safety risk protection and staff punishing students. Many chaos has made parents and students "ride the excitement and return home", and many parents are discouraged.

"Some research institutions obscure key information when they publicize it, which allows parents to misunderstand the real situation." The China Consumer Association said that some institutions "bury traps" in contracts, and once an accident occurs, they shift the responsibility to insurance companies, individual students and even parents, resulting in some parents falling into a situation of "difficulty in defending their rights".

The report also mentioned that on the topic of "Carrefour shopping card restricted consumption", public opinion believes that the incident has exposed hidden dangers such as "the low cost of illegal activities by card issuers", resulting in infringement problems; In the topic of "well-known catering brands exposed to hidden dangers of food safety problems", how to improve supervision and let consumers "buy with confidence and eat with peace of mind" in the food field has become the focus of public opinion; In view of the problems of unreasonable charging of shared charging treasures, low charging efficiency, good borrowing and not returning, and still charging after return, public opinion believes that solving the current situation of frequent problems in the shared charging treasure industry requires the participation of all parties and joint management and co-governance. (End)