Zhongxin Wanghai, 8 Aug (Chen Jing and Huang Bo) -- The Shanghai Border Inspection Station disclosed on 2 August that from 2 to 7 July, the Shanghai border inspection organs inspected more than 1.31 million people entering and exiting the country and 220,1 vehicles (ships). Among them, the two major international airports of Pudong and Hongqiao had a cumulative total of 6.214 million inbound and outbound passengers and 3,1 inbound and outbound flights, an increase of 4.6% and 24.3% respectively over June.

According to the Shanghai Border Inspection Station, since the summer festival entered on July 7, the number of people entering and exiting Shanghai Port has continued to operate at a high level. The reporter saw at the T1 terminal of Pudong International Airport on the 2nd, the waiting hall was crowded and bustling, and in front of the check-in counter, there was an endless stream of passengers who came to check in and check in their baggage. Walking into the border inspection and exit inspection hall, under the guidance of the staff, passengers are lining up for customs clearance procedures in an orderly manner. Data show that in July, the average number of foreign passengers entering the port exceeded 2,7 per day, an increase of 5300.5% over the previous month.

In July, Pudong International Airport ushered in the peak of outbound passenger flow. (Photo by Huang Bo)

With the optimization and adjustment of entry-exit management policies and measures and the gradual recovery and addition of international passenger routes, many passenger flows such as cross-border study groups, parent-child tourism, and visiting relatives and friends at Pudong International Airport Port are superimposed. From the perspective of outbound travel, the passenger flow to Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, as well as popular tourist destinations such as Hong Kong and Macao accounts for more than 50% of the total number of outbound passengers at Pudong International Airport. "Take advantage of your child's summer vacation and take him out to see the outside world." Mr. Li, who took his children to Tokyo, Japan, told reporters. Among the travel crowd, there are many "summer parent-child tour" travelers like Mr. Li. During the Summer Games, many student groups from cross-border study activities departed from the Pudong International Airport port, mainly to Singapore, the United Kingdom, Australia and Hong Kong.

With the continuous optimization of the policy on the exchange of Chinese and foreign personnel, the number of foreign tourists entering the port for the purpose of business and visiting relatives is also increasing. In July, the Shanghai Airport Border Inspection Station, issued 7-hour visa-free temporary entry permits for more than 2800,144 eligible foreign passengers, creating a better entry experience for international travelers with short-term needs to come to China.

"At present, Pudong Airport has opened international passenger flights to more than 40 countries and regions, with an average of more than 300 international passenger flights entering and leaving the port every day, an increase of 20% over the previous month. In order to cope with the peak passenger flow, we continue to optimize service command and scheduling, deploy police resources in real time, optimize the customs clearance process, open sufficient channels in advance, and scientifically use fast channel diversion to guide eligible passengers to the fast lane special area for inspection in a timely manner, reducing passenger waiting time. In the past month, about 90,<> passengers have enjoyed the convenience of border inspection and fast track customs clearance. Hu Shiyun, director of the border inspection department of the Shanghai Airport Border Inspection Station, introduced to reporters.

The international cruise ship "China Merchants Eden" docked at the Shanghai Port International Passenger Transport Center Terminal. (Photo by Lu Jiao)

With the gradual resumption of Shanghai international cruise routes, the number of outbound tourists by cruise is increasing. On July 7th, the "China Merchants Eden" international cruise ship slowly left the Shanghai Port International Passenger Terminal for Japan after completing the border inspection procedures, and more than 30 passengers on board began a wonderful sea journey. According to statistics from the Pujiang Border Inspection Station of the Shanghai Border Inspection Station, since July, the station has inspected a total of 390 international cruise ships and inspected more than 7,20 people entering and exiting the country with the ship. (End)