, July 7 -- The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security held a press conference for the second quarter of 21 on the 21st. Chen Yongjia, deputy director of the Employment Promotion Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said at the meeting that at present, it is the season for college graduates to leave school, and some young people have not implemented employment work, so from July to December, the human resources and social security department launched the youth employment service action for college graduates with the theme of "service promotes employment and builds dreams to meet the future", and adopted "one, two, three, three" service measures to promote their employment and entrepreneurship.

The first is to publish a batch of guidelines. Coordinate local human resources and social security departments, use various channels, and focus on highlighting various online and offline help channels, various recruitment platforms, service organization directories and policy service lists. At present, all provinces have generally issued open letters to graduates, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has fully opened the mini program for job registration of college graduates, as long as graduates with employment needs can register for employment.

The second is to carry out two types of assistance. On the one hand, the human resources and social security department will provide one policy promotion, one career guidance, three job referrals, one skills training or employment internship opportunity for registered unemployed youth with service needs and unemployed graduates who have left school in 2023. On the other hand, for graduates with unemployed difficulties and long-term unemployed youth, we organize pairing assistance, formulate assistance plans, optimize the provision of various employment services, and organize practical guidance activities for long-term unemployed young people to stimulate the endogenous motivation of employment.

The third is to provide three services. In terms of policy services, data comparison is used to accurately identify policy service targets, categorized push, centralized cashing of various subsidies such as grassroots employment, enterprise absorption, independent entrepreneurship, flexible employment, training and internship. In terms of recruitment services, online and offline special recruitment activities for graduates and other young people are frequently held to ensure that there are weekly recruitments and positions at all times. In terms of training services, vigorously carry out training in new occupations, advanced manufacturing, modern service industries and other fields, encourage enterprises to carry out apprenticeship training for newly recruited unemployed graduates and other young people, and promote employment as soon as possible.

Fourth, do a good job in the triple guarantee. Provide convenient and accessible service guarantees, implement a 15-minute employment service circle, build a "doorstep" employment service station, promote the deep integration of employment services and digital technology, and provide online services such as recruitment and job search, policy consultation, career guidance, and entrepreneurial counseling. Strengthen the protection of fair and equitable rights and interests, rectify illegal acts such as false recruitment and employment discrimination, simultaneously strengthen the publicity of labor and employment policies and regulations, and standardize the recruitment behavior of enterprises. Create a positive environmental atmosphere, tap a group of youth models of employment innovation, stimulate youth enthusiasm for employment and innovation, and realize employment and entrepreneurship as soon as possible.

Chen Yongjia stressed that in short, the human resources and social security department will do its best to further strengthen policy guarantees, dig deep into post resources, do practical and detailed employment guidance services, and support graduates and other young people to show their talents and make contributions in all walks of life.