According to the notice of the National Development and Reform Commission, from 7 o'clock on July 12, each ton of gasoline will be increased by 7 yuan and 12 yuan per ton of diesel.

After the above adjustment is implemented, oil prices will show a trend of "two consecutive rises". According to agency estimates, the price adjustment is equivalent to an increase of 92.0 yuan per liter of No. 12 gasoline, 95.0 yuan per liter of No. 13 gasoline, and 0.0 yuan per liter of No. 13 diesel.

Taking an ordinary private car with a fuel tank capacity of 50L as an example, after this price adjustment, the owner will spend about 6 yuan more to fill up a tank of fuel. In terms of diesel, a large truck with a fuel tank capacity of 160L will cost about 20.8 yuan more to fill up a tank of fuel.

Infographic: Gas stations. Photo by Ge Cheng of Zhongxin Finance

Longzhong information analyst Liu Wenjie believes that in this round of pricing cycle, international oil prices first fell and then rose. Although the probability of a Fed rate hike in July continues to increase, and the market is still worried about the European and American economies, further production cuts in Saudi Arabia and Russia and expectations of demand growth in Asia have sent positive signals.

"Overall, the benefits of tighter supply outweigh concerns about slowing global growth. During the pricing cycle, the average price of the affiliated oil moved upward, and the corresponding comprehensive rate of change of crude oil ran in a positive range, opening the window for the current round of retail price increase. ”

This round is the 2023th price adjustment in 7, and after the price adjustment, the domestic refined oil price will show a pattern of "six rises, six declines and two strandings" during the year. The next round of price adjustment window will open at 26:24 on July <>.

"It is expected that the probability of the next round of refined oil price adjustment is relatively large." Longzhong information analyst Li Yan said that based on the current international crude oil price level, the next round of refined oil price adjustment will show an upward trend. For now, Saudi Arabia is firmly pushing for separate additional production cuts, and the peak summer fuel consumption period in the United States is still continuing, and the Asian economy and demand prospects are also optimistic.

Xu Peng, an analyst at Jinlianchuang refined oil products, also holds the same view, "After entering a new round of pricing cycle, the rate of change will start in a positive and wide range." On the first working day after the price adjustment, the rate of change will be 4%, corresponding to an increase of around 200 yuan / ton for gasoline and diesel. In the short term, international oil prices may rise in shock, and the probability of a new round of retail price increases is obvious. (End)