Beijing, July 7 (ZXS) -- The 7 Global Digital Economy Conference ended in Beijing on July 2023. This year's conference invited hundreds of guests from more than 7 countries and regions around the world to participate, releasing more than 40 important achievements and further enhancing its international influence.

In recent years, Beijing has vigorously promoted the construction of a global digital economy benchmark city. At the closing ceremony of the conference, Jiang Guangchi, director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, used a real replica of the digital human avatar to release the major results of the conference. This is the first time that the main person in charge of a municipal organ in Beijing has explored and tried to replicate his own realistic digital human to attend an international conference event.

In 2021, the conference used digital humans as the opening ceremony for the first time, and the first domestic digital human roundtable forum in 2022 was held during the conference. In 2023, the application of digital humans in government affairs activities will be implemented, and the first digital human concert will be held.

The Global Digital Economy Conference has witnessed the evolution of digital human technology and the iteration of digital consumption formats, and has become an international and authoritative exchange platform for new technologies and new products in the digital economy.

At present, digital human technology is still developing and improving. The reporter of China News Agency learned from the conference that with the continuous iteration of digital human technology, especially the technological innovation brought by artificial intelligence large models, it is expected that in the near future, the character image of realistic digital humans will be more realistic, the production process will be more convenient, and the modeling cost will be further reduced, when everyone will have a high-quality, low-cost digital human avatar, and explore possibilities in the meta-universe of "independent and controllable, free exploration, instant interaction, and real-time online".

This conference provides a global platform for the exchange and cooperation of new theories, new rules, new technologies, new industries and new systems of digital economy.

During the conference, more than 2023 important achievements were released, such as the Global Digital Economy Partner City Cooperation Initiative, the Global Digital Economy White Paper (2022), and the Beijing Digital Economy Development Report (2023-<>), aiming to promote and lead new cooperation in the technology industry and explore and exchange new rules for international governance.

As a witness of scientific and technological progress, new digital products continue to drive industrial upgrading and lead the creation of a new picture of the development of human civilization. 100 items, including "Chinese Medical Terminology Collection", "ChatGLM, Dialogue Model of 12 Billion Bases", digital governance technology driven by agent map, and "<> computational bit coherent optical quantum computer", were selected as "Innovation Leading Achievements", and all of them were released for the first time of the year.

Beijing International Open Source Community set sail, Beijing laid out the Metaverse Industry Innovation Center, Beijing Artificial Intelligence Big Model Partnership Program landed... The conference built a service system for the transformation and application of new products, new technologies and new scenarios, and promoted the deep integration and development of digital technology and industry.

On the basis of the success of the previous two conferences, this year's conference lasted from July 7 to 4, with the theme of "Data-driven Development, Intelligence Leading the Future", and Chinese and foreign guests conducted in-depth discussions through the opening ceremony, the main forum, six summit forums and more than 7 thematic forums. This conference has achieved the overall improvement of the scale, effect and influence of the conference, enhanced the international elements, and further enhanced the international influence.

For the first time, the conference set up the guest of honor and added an overseas branch venue in Singapore. In order to jointly build an open innovation network for the digital economy among global cities, 18 cities around the world, including Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, Busan in South Korea, and Colombo in Sri Lanka, jointly launched the Global Digital Economy Partner Cities Cooperation Initiative with Beijing, including promoting global city exchanges and cooperation, sharing an open and mutually beneficial market environment, and jointly building a digital technology innovation ecology, expanding the circle of friends of digital economy partner cities, and building a new network for international cooperation in the digital economy.

Technology has painted what the world of tomorrow will look like. Digital Economy Experience Week, Boutique Theme Exhibition, "Digital Night" City Pulse Light Ceremony, the First China Digital Concert... This conference demonstrated the penetration and integration of digital economy and production and life. The new generation of information technology represented by big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. is accelerating the integration of butterfly changes, and the digital economy is becoming the core driving force leading innovation and development and promoting social transformation. (End)