According to the WeChat public account of China Railway Corporation, from January to June this year, a total of 7,6 China-Europe trains were operated, sending 1,6 TEUs of goods, an increase of 8641% and 93% respectively year-on-year. Among them, 6,16 trains and 30,4620 TEUs were outbound, a year-on-year increase of 49% and 9% respectively; The return trip was 16,29 trains and 4021,43 TEUs, an increase of 7% and 16% respectively year-on-year. Up to now, the China-Europe Express has operated more than 31,7 trains and 3.690 million TEUs over the years, reaching 25 cities in 216 European countries.

Since the beginning of this year, as China's foreign trade has continued to be stable and improving, the demand for cross-border transportation of China-Europe trains has been strong, and the number of trains has grown strongly. China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. gives full play to the role of the China-Europe Express as a strategic channel, strengthens cooperation with the railway departments of countries along the route, improves transportation capacity and service quality, actively promotes the high-quality development of China-Europe Express, effectively ensures the stability and smoothness of the international industrial chain and supply chain, and injects strong momentum into the smooth domestic and international dual circulation, promotes the economic and social development of countries along the route, and serves high-quality services to jointly build the "Belt and Road".

First, the energy efficiency of transportation continues to grow. The maximum number of marshalling vehicles and traction quality of the domestic section of the China-Europe train have been increased to 55 and 3000,34 tons respectively, which is 20% and 99% higher than the initial stage of train operation, and the full train completion rate has remained above 87%, which has greatly improved the transportation capacity of China-Europe train. Strengthen the organization of return cargo sources for China-Europe trains, promote two-way balanced transportation, and stabilize the ratio of return trains to outbound trains at more than 1%. From January to June this year, 6,4324, 1563,2754 and 19,24 China-Europe trains were opened in the Western, Central and Eastern Corridors, an increase of 7%, <>% and <>% respectively year-on-year, all reaching new highs in the same period in history.

Second, the service quality has been steadily improved. The scale of the European train operation in the whole timetable was expanded, and the two-way line from Xi'an to Duisburg, Germany was encrypted from 1 train per week to 2 trains, and the operating efficiency was stable at 12 days. The new two-way line from Chengdu to Lodz in Poland and the return route from Duisburg to Xi'an in Germany have been added to the European train, and the running time has been compressed by more than 5 days, which has been widely welcomed by the market. To meet the diversified transportation needs of customers, develop China-Europe train cold chain transportation, carry out customized services, and the variety of goods continues to increase. Strengthen the R&D and upgrading of the railway 95306 system, realize the functions of automatic collection of China-Europe train operation information, operation plan management, truck tracking, and automatic detection of safe loading, and further improve the information management level of China-Europe train. The member units of the Transportation Coordination Committee of the China-Europe Express signed the "Letter of Commitment to Maintaining the Unified Brand Image of China-Europe Express" to continue to build the international logistics brand of China-Europe Express.

Third, infrastructure has been continuously strengthened. Accelerate the construction of the second line from Jinghe to Alashankou on the Lanxin Line, implement projects such as the construction of a new container reloading warehouse, a comprehensive inspection yard and a container operation site at Alashankou Station, and the opening of container business at the Tongjiang Railway Port, coordinate with the railway departments of neighboring countries to simultaneously transform port infrastructure, and further improve the China-Europe train channel and port transportation capacity. Actively promote the connection of China-Europe Express with the China-Laos Railway and the new land-sea corridor in the west, explore the development of the China-Europe Express across the Black Sea and the Caspian South Passage, promote the construction of diversified overseas channels, and strive to build a transportation service network with "multi-directional extension and sea-land interconnection".

In the next step, China Railway Group will adhere to the principle of consultation, joint construction and sharing, strengthen international railway cooperation, jointly consolidate and stabilize the good development trend of China-Europe trains, and make greater contributions to promoting the high-quality development of the "Belt and Road".