Summer grain harvest, grain returned to the warehouse, the reporter approached all kinds of grain planting entities, and carefully calculated the income account with them. Behind the increase in grain revenue is the all-round support for grain production by the national policy of strengthening agriculture and benefiting farmers, reflecting the gratifying changes in agricultural production methods.

The policy is real money, and the subsidy for 6 acres of land is 1392 yuan. "Field Nanny" trusteeship, saving costs per mu and increasing efficiency by more than 220 yuan

In midsummer, on the drying field in Zaohang Village, Tashan Town, Ganyu District, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, a Taiwan grain truck went in and out. Sampled, bagged, weighed, dried and sun-dried wheat emits a fresh fragrance.

"The water content is less than 14%, which meets the storage standard." Grain broker Zhuang Liangwu quickly measured the moisture of the wheat, beckoned everyone to carry the wheat to the car, and prepared to pull it to the transit warehouse in Zhuangliu Village next door.

After getting more than 7200,6 yuan of grain sales, grain farmer Sun Yuntao smiled: "All 1 acres of wheat at home were sold, 22.<> yuan per catty, and the broker came to collect it, saving worry and effort." ”

In Zaohang Village, farmers like Sun Yuntao grow their own grain about 1/3.

What is the summer grain income?

Sun Yuntao broke his fingers and carefully calculated the account: this season's wheat, each mu of seeds cost 100 yuan, rotary tillage and machine fees cost 140 yuan, fertilizer and pesticides more than 100 yuan, cut off the cost, and the net income of 6 mu of land was more than 5000,1392 yuan. "Over the years, the policy has gotten better and better. From direct grain subsidies, cultivated land subsidies, to non-direct rice subsidies, the annual subsidies add up to <>,<> yuan, all of which are punched on the card through a card. Sun Yuntao said.

Only when peasants can grow grain and earn money can grain production be guaranteed. Since the beginning of this year, the policy system of "trinity" of grain prices, subsidies and insurance has been continuously improved. The minimum purchase price of wheat and early indica rice is 2 cents higher than last year's catty. The central government has allocated 100 billion yuan to provide one-time subsidies to farmers who actually grow grain and support spring plowing and production. "Expanding, increasing products and raising standards", agricultural insurance continues to play the function of "guarantee umbrella", China has achieved full coverage of all major grain-producing counties in 13 major grain-producing provinces with full cost insurance and planting income insurance for the three major grain crops, and the guarantee capacity and service level have been continuously improved.

The policy is real money and gives farmers peace of mind. Socialized services make farming more worry-free.

In Lianshui County, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province, many farmers grow grain more steadily, relying on "one-stop" or "menu-based" hosting services. "5 acres of wheat are entrusted to the Yafu Agricultural Cooperative, so you don't have to start it yourself from planting to harvesting, free up time to work, and earn an extra money." Wang Aizhi, a villager in Heyuan Village, Liancheng Street, said.

What are the benefits of "Nanny Tian" farming?

Zou Yajun, secretary of the general branch of the party in Heyuan Village, calculated the account: farmers plant their own, and each link of cultivation management and harvest costs nearly 220 yuan per mu, and only 120 yuan for trusteeship, saving nearly 100 yuan per mu of land; The cooperative can increase the yield of wheat by more than 220 kilograms per mu with scientific planting and standardized operations. One decrease and one increase, one mu of land can earn more than <> yuan.

During this year's wheat harvest, another 50 villagers in Heyuan Village signed a trusteeship agreement for the next season.

Improve the agricultural socialization service system, and provide good services and promote small farmers. In recent years, all localities have adapted measures to local conditions and supported all kinds of service entities to carry out single-link, multi-link, full-process custody and other services in a centralized and continuous manner, so as to promote cost saving and efficiency increase and farmers' income. Data show that there are more than 104.18 million agricultural socialized service organizations in the country, serving an area of more than 7.8900 billion mu, and serving more than <> million small farmers.

Good agricultural machinery is productivity, and the cooperative mechanizes wheat cultivation throughout the process, with an average net income of more than 500 yuan per mu

As soon as the summer solstice passed, tranquility returned to the fields of Wenshang County, Shandong Province. "After the summer harvest is finished, the harvester can rest." In the agricultural machinery compound in Guocang Village, Guocang Town, Guo Bobo, chairman of the Revo Agricultural Machinery Farmers Professional Cooperative, is maintaining agricultural machinery. At the end of May every year, he takes the cooperative's operators south to harvest from Henan and Anhui to Jining, Shandong, and then rushes back to the local area to harvest wheat.

"I spend more than half of the year dealing with agricultural machinery." In the eyes of Guo Bobo after 85, good agricultural machinery is productivity, and he counted the advantages of advanced agricultural machinery: "This kind of drive rake matching the tractor can make the surface soil finer, it is not easy to run moisture, and it saves fuel; This kind of strip planter has high precision, sowing 1 wheat seeds within 10 meter, which can ensure that each one is sown in place, each can germinate, and can save 5-10 kilograms of seeds per mu..."

At present, the cooperative has transferred 10,2300 mu of land in more than 100 surrounding townships and towns, relying on more than 9 sets of agricultural machinery and equipment, and has built standardized planting and full-process mechanized operation bases. "This year, I bought <> new Taipeidou driverless navigators, and the existing tractors are fully equipped." Guo Bobo said that the subsidy for the purchase of agricultural machinery supports farmers to purchase advanced and applicable equipment, making farming more convenient. During the summer harvest, the harvester harvests the wheat in front, and the precision seeder follows closely to sow the corn, and planting it in one go, which helps to extend the crop growth period and improve the grain quality during the autumn harvest.

As soon as the farm machinery rang, there was no panic in farming. In the "three summers" of this year, a total of 1650.73 million units (sets) of various agricultural machinery and equipment were invested nationwide to carry out summer harvest, summer seeding and summer field management mechanization operations. The comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvest in China has reached 62%, and the contribution rate of agricultural scientific and technological progress has reached 4.<>%, and the foundation of grain silos in large countries has been continuously consolidated.

The whole process of mechanized farming, what are the benefits of cooperatives?

Guo Bobo has the book to understand the account——

Looking at the cost, an acre of land turned 40 yuan, rotating land 50 yuan, top dressing 50 yuan, sprinkler watering 45 yuan, high ground gap plant protection machine with UAV plant protection 30 yuan, agricultural material costs 280 yuan, in total, less than 500 yuan per mu.

Looking at the income, the scale of continuous planting of "Jimai 44" strong gluten varieties, the average mu yield is 680 kg, and the current market price is about 1.36 yuan per jin. After deducting circulation expenses and planting costs, the net income of one mu of land is more than 500 yuan. At the same time, the cooperative provides agricultural machinery operation services, and this year's cross-regional machine harvesting service area reached 2,8 mu. As a new type of agricultural management subject with moderate scale operation, the cooperative can also obtain corresponding socialized service subsidies per mu in the links of deep loosening of land and comprehensive utilization of straw.

Good opportunities help, good methods are matched, and the efficiency of growing grain is continuously improved. Guo Yanxi, head of the Wenshang County Agricultural Technology Extension Station, said that taking advantage of the scale advantage formed by the new business entity, the county has innovatively integrated more than 40 technical systems such as wheat and corn "double night" technology, wheat production "ten unification", corn production "eight unification", and soybean "one, three, three" and other technical systems, forming a green high-quality and efficient "Wenshang model" technology lineage, which strongly supports grain production to improve quality and efficiency.

High-standard farmland grows wheat, saving more than 200 yuan per mu of cost, and building a strong risk defense line for post-production grain protection

In the fields of farmland in Gu'an County, Hebei Province, corn has emerged, and the ground is green. Zhang Jinsong, a major grain farmer, sighed: "High-standard farmland is guaranteed by drought and flood, and after harvesting wheat and corn, stubble after stubble, the planting of grain is more sufficient." ”

"The land is level and contiguous, and the infrastructure such as power transmission and irrigation in the fields is complete, and it can be watered immediately when the weather is dry, saving electricity and water." Zhang Jinsong said that winter wheat depends on water at every growth stage. In the past, wheat was watered with cloth ridges, and large water flooded with irrigation, which was unevenly watered, and low-lying land was easy to accumulate water. Nowadays, with the use of buried multi-section automatic telescopic irrigation equipment, the gate can produce water, hundreds of acres of land only one person, electricity costs are saved by 30% compared with before, mu average water saving 50 to 5 cubic meters, but also to achieve the integration of water and fertilizer, the yield increased by 200%, calculated to save costs per mu of land increased by 300-<> yuan.

Yin Yanjun, a member of the party group of the Gu'an County Agriculture and Rural Bureau, introduced that Gu'an has a shortage of water resources, and in recent years, the county has integrated 5 million yuan of financial funds at all levels to build 44,07 mu of high-standard farmland, accounting for nearly 1% of the county's cultivated land, of which 4,086 mu of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation area. At the same time, the local area vigorously promotes water-saving varieties such as "Shinong <>" and "Maran No. <>", and tightens the "faucet" of wheat production from the source.

To grow grain to make money, good land is the guarantee. China has achieved the goal of 10 billion mu of high-standard farmland construction as scheduled, and the average grain production capacity per mu has increased by 10%-20%. This year, 8000 million mu of high-standard farmland will be built, renovated and upgraded. Next, all permanent basic farmland will be gradually built into high-standard farmland.

Strengthen post-production food security to ensure abundant harvest. During this year's summer harvest, the Huanghuai area experienced continuous rain, which adversely affected the harvest. From rush to harvest, drying and warehousing to insurance compensation, relevant policies and measures escort and effectively play a supporting role.

Located in the granary of Weiyi Yiye Co., Ltd. in Jun County, Henan, more than 1,2 tons of rushed new wheat have been put into storage. "A week before the wheat harvest, the county organized us to prepare the drying tower for maintenance to ensure a drying capacity of 200-300 tons a day." Zhou Weiqi, the person in charge of the company, said that the seed grain received so far mainly includes varieties such as "Bainong 607" and "Bainong 307", with a water content of just over 11%, all of which live in "air-conditioned warehouses". He grabbed a few wheat seeds and put them in his mouth and chewed, "Listen to this sound, how crispy!" ”

This year, Henan Province urgently allocated 2 million yuan of special funds for wheat drying. Luohe City has formulated and introduced specific measures to do a good job in the purchase of damaged wheat, and the purchase will be opened at designated points throughout the city. Shenqiu County of Zhoukou City, Lushan County of Pingdingshan City and other places regulate grain procurement and safeguard the interests of grain farmers to the greatest extent. Local agricultural insurance underwriting institutions have opened green channels for claims settlement, orderly promoted the investigation and assessment of losses, ensured that the claims payment was paid to the farmers' accounts as soon as possible, reduced the losses of wheat farmers, and provided a solid guarantee for summer grain production.