Sanming, June 6 ( (Lei Chaoliang) "Combined with Sanming's rich tourism resources, Jin Jiang Tourism has carefully planned and launched high-quality themed tour routes such as red culture, Hakka culture, health care, food, and research, which are well received by tourists in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region. On the 28th, Sha Deyin, vice president of Shanghai Jin Jiang International (Group) Co., Ltd., said.

At present, the counterpart cooperation between Shanghai and Sanming City, Fujian Province is closely underway, as a comprehensive hotel and tourism enterprise group controlled by the Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Jin Jiang actively responds to the "Shanghai-Ming Cooperation", comprehensively connects the resources of both sides, and helps Sanming Cultural Tourism improve quality and efficiency.

Sanming is the source of the Minjiang River, with a forest coverage rate of 77.12%, rich in tourism resources, which brings together Hakka culture, Zhuzi culture, Minxue culture and other characteristic cultures, with Taining World Natural Heritage Site and other 3 world-class brands and more than 200 national tourism brands, there are 73 A-level tourist attractions, ranking first in Fujian Province.

Cultural tourism is a golden signboard of Sanming, and Huang Ruxin, secretary of the Sanming Municipal Party Committee, believes that the favorable policies such as Shanghai-Ming counterpart cooperation have brought a golden opportunity for the development of Sanming's cultural tourism economy. Sanming City is taking this opportunity to accelerate the integration and improvement of tourism resources around Dajin Lake with Taining Dajin Lake as the center, including Taining, Jianning and Jiangle counties. Deepen the docking cooperation with Jin Jiang International Group to comprehensively improve the level of resource development, project investment and financing, scenic spot operation and marketing. Under the background of "Shanghai-Ming cooperation", Shanghai to Sanming tourism tourists are endless, this year's "May Day" holiday, Shanghai has become the largest tourist market outside Sanming City.

With the close development of "Shanghai-Ming cooperation", tourists from Shanghai to Sanming are flocking endlessly. Photo courtesy of Sanming City Cultural and Tourism Bureau

The interaction of cultural tourism in Shanghai is a silhouette of Sanming's promotion of high-quality development of cultural tourism economy. In recent years, Sanming City has grasped the new trend of cultural tourism industry development in the post-epidemic period, focused on upgrading from tourism to "cultural tourism +", integrated the rich connotation and value of excellent traditional culture such as Sanming red culture, Hakka culture, and Zhuzi culture into all links of the tourism industry chain, innovated and developed new formats such as cadre education and training, intangible cultural heritage experience, and characteristic performing arts, so as to rejuvenate traditional tourism and achieve new improvements. Data show that during this year's "May Day" and "Dragon Boat Festival" holidays, Sanming received 219.6 million tourists and 116.9 million tourists respectively, both exceeding the level of the same period in 2019, and the recovery of the cultural tourism market is obvious.

Sanming City is a new industrial city, in the 1958 Industrial Memory Park of Sangang Group, the leisure and sightseeing of tourists and the busy scene of the factory are clearly distinguished, but they are also interesting. Last year, China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism released the list of national industrial tourism demonstration bases, and the "Sangang Industrial Tourism Zone" became the only national industrial tourism demonstration base in Fujian Province on the list.

This industrial tourism area is composed of "two sculptures, two gardens, three halls and three scenic spots (four factories)", namely intelligent steel sculptures, three steel cultural relief walls, Yueming Garden, Yuehua Garden, Sangang Party Building Exhibition Hall, Sangang Safety Experience Hall, 1958 Industrial Memory Hall, Iron Rushing Scenic Area (ironmaking production process), Steel Flower Brilliant Scenic Area (steelmaking production process), Rolling Mill Huanchang Scenic Area (round bar production line, medium plate production line).

In recent years, Sangang Industrial Tourism Zone has been rated as the first iron and steel industry tourism factory in Fujian Province, Fujian Provincial Industrial Tourism Demonstration Base, Fujian Province Primary and Middle School Students Research and Practice Education Base, and National 4A-level Tourist Scenic Spot.

Based on local characteristics, Sanming City is promoting the cross-border integration of cultural tourism with industry, agriculture and other industries, and has built the Sangang 1958 Memorial Hall and Taining Gengyue Lijia into a new model of Internet celebrity economy and experience economy. From simple scenic spot development to comprehensive development such as sightseeing, leisure and health care, we will promote the upgrading of scenic spots. Actively seize parent-child tours, study tours, rural vacation tourism, health tourism and other subdivisions to create more experiential tourism forms.

According to Luo Jinhua, Dean of the School of Economics and Management of Sanming University, Sangang is listed as a national industrial tourism demonstration base, which on the one hand helps guide more people to pay attention to industrial development and understand "how steel is made"; On the other hand, the development of industrial tourism in Fujian will play a leading role and play a demonstration effect in Fujian Province.

The picture shows Sangang Sightseeing Factory Courtesy of the Publicity Department of the Sanming Municipal Party Committee

In order to comprehensively improve the quality of tourism services, the "Sanming City Tourism Service Quality Improvement Action Plan" was issued and implemented on June 6. Focusing on the six elements of the tourism industry of "eating, staying, traveling, traveling, shopping and entertainment", and aiming at "Rest assured to visit Fujian and satisfaction in Sanming", the "Plan" proposes to solve a number of prominent problems affecting the quality of tourism services by the end of 13, so that tourists' satisfaction, reputation and sense of security for Sanming Tourism will be significantly enhanced, and the brand value and comprehensive benefits of Sanming Tourism will be significantly improved.

The implementation of the Plan has sounded the clarion call to promote the high-quality development of the cultural tourism industry in the local area. Huang Ruxin said that in accordance with the strategic deployment of expanding domestic demand, it will actively integrate into the construction of a strong province in the cultural tourism economy, adhere to the use of cultural plastic tourism and tourism to highlight culture, accurately implement policies, tackle tough problems, make every effort to transform good advantages into a good situation, strive to develop a cultural and tourism economic development path with Sanming characteristics, and create a well-known tourist destination in China. (End)